Castlefield locals can’t stop gushing over Canal side restaurant and bar with ‘suntrap’ terrace

Serious Property Investors have been eyeing Castlefield, Manchester as a premium hotspot this season not only for its superb transport link and connectivity, world-class facilities and bustling business district; but also for its exciting array of bars and restaurants that provide the perfect leisure and unwinding venue for professionals, students and families.

Castlefield Manchester is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to go for a drink or go restaurant-hopping in the area. Recently Duke 92, a popular local go-to is a spot the locals just can't stop raving about. 

Dukes 92 has become a popular go to for those wanting to dine al fresco in the summer.

A canal side bar is quickly gaining popularity among visitors for its 'suntrap' terrace. 'Suntrap' meaning a glass roof that you can enjoy the canal side festivities in any weather.

Dukes 92, has been garnering rave reviews  for its splendid position right next  to the water, meaning you can really soak up the recent good weather.

However, the Castlefield venue is not much of a hidden gem as it can get quite busy.

Although worthy of five-star rating, what can visitors expect besides somewhere to soak up the sun?

According to its website, it’s one of the most visited bars in Manchester.

This canal side bar in Castlefield is a real sun trap, so it’s no surprise it’s one of the busiest spots in the city during the summer. If you’re after a bit fussy with your beverage then this is the spot as it offers a wide array exciting of beverages and food in their menu. 

Although there's currently a limited menu for the time being due to the number of chefs available in the kitchen, the place sounds like quite the catch.

Duke 92 is just one of the many pubs in the area of Castlefield, Manchester; easily making it a hotspot for professionals and students to indulge in leisure and unwinding activities. With its many recent improvements and regenerations in the area, it has become more attractive to property investors looking for a serious place to invest that can provide good travel links, convenience, employment opportunities and an attractive area with the best shops for relaxation and entertainment purposes.  

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Brett Alegre-wood
August 16, 2021

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