Opening Of Great North Rail Project In 2022 Will Boost Great Jackson Street Manchester Transport Links

Transport links and connectivity in Manchester is just about to get whole lot better because by 2022, Great North Rail Project (GNRP), part of Britain's Railway Upgrade Plan, will have delivered a multi-billion pound package of improvements for commuters across the north of England. This project will provide a solution to a rail bottleneck south of Piccadilly station, enabling faster, more frequent rail services in the North. As Manchester continues to rise to become one of the most thriving hotspots in the UK for residential and commercial property investments, transport links regenerations like the GNRP are sure to make prime investment hotspots Great Jackson Street, right at the city centre, more accessible, convenient, and even more attractive to travelling professionals and students. Great Jackson Street Manchester Transport Links excellent connectivity is one of the highlight points for property investment  in the area.

Improvements in Great Jackson Street Manchester Transport Links will stimulate tremendous growth in the north of England by providing better connections between towns and cities. It will enable 2,000 extra services each week and allow 40,000 more passengers to travel each day, with more trains with more seats, running more quickly and more reliably.

As new job and employment opportunities are created and businesses get access to a greater pool of talent, local communities and the wider regional economy will feel the great national and regional growth benefits of GNRP. Great Jackson Street Manchester Transport Links will play a huge role in this economic growth being in a prime area at the city centre with an abundance of employment opportunities and educational institutions.

GNRP is a vast programme of improvements to transform train travel for customers in the North.

Benefits of the Great North Rail Project

  • Connecting the north and beyond

Train customers, local communities, businesses, the economy as a whole – will all have the advantage of optimized connections and shortened journey times between main towns and cities.

  • Journey time improvements

Faster, more frequent, more reliable passenger services, on larger trains with more seats, will give customers quicker, more comfortable journeys.

  • Capacity

Larger, more spacious trains, running more frequently, will make the biggest city centres of the North more easily accessible for customers.

  • Reliability

Benefit of peace of mind and ease in commuting for more customer as they will always have a seat, thanks to more frequent trains running on a more reliable railway. They’ll know that they’ll arrive on time.

  • Environmental / customer experience

Making the railway run on electricity will allow quieter, cleaner and greener trains. A smoother ride for customers – and for the natural environment.

The multi-billion pound Great North Rail Project pushed through when plans were submitted for ground-breaking blueprints in 2013 for a link between Manchester’s Piccadilly and Victoria stations – UK’s first network arch bridge.

The Ordsall Chord is one of the results of the GNRP – a structure that would cut Manchester’s railway congestion by a quarter and win recognition for its innovation and elegant design. The Ordsall Chord is the flagship scheme in the Great North Rail Project, part of Britain’s Railway Upgrade Plan. The 300m chord would also create new direct links to Manchester Airport from cities such as Bradford and enable more trains to stop at Manchester Piccadilly. Great Jackson Street Manchester Transport Links would immediately improve with this additional enhancement to augment congestion in the area, making commuters cut through the traffic to get to their work and school on time.

Prime property investment areas like Great Jackson Street, being right at the gateway of the thriving city centre of Manchester, is taken very seriously by property investors all over the UK, thanks to its great transport links and connectivity that commuters (travelling professionals and students) find convenient. Regenerations in Great Jackson Street Manchester Transport Links like the GNRP will only assure higher rental yields and property value appreciation over time. 

Read more about our Great Jackson Street, Manchester Property Investment Hotspot series below or if you’re interested in running through our local Great Jackson Street new build developments chat with the team on 02079236100 or book a time.

Brett Alegre-wood
August 16, 2021

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