Castlefield’s Transport-Friendly Location Attracts Tourists, Businesses, and Off Plan Property Investments

As a premier urban heritage park, Castlefield has undergone many conservation efforts to protect and revitalise its historic landmarks and make them presentable to the public. This area has also witnessed many regeneration developments because of its proximity to the city centre, businesses, and other office areas. 

Because of its central location—just outside the city centre, yet developed because it is an attractive centre for business, shopping and entertainment, Castlefield is the ideal location for city lovers and urbanites who want to live, work, and enjoy close to the city centre. If you’re looking a bit further away from the city centre, Castlefield and its surrounding residential areas may be of interest to you (and your potential tenants). And it won’t be that far because Manchester’s transport links are some of the best in the UK. 

Rich in History, Culture, and Regeneration Developments

Once a Roman fort with settlements just outside to house its civilian population, Castlefield is now a centre for culture and history, as well as modern office and business spaces and amazing entertainment and leisure facilities. 

Castlefield Off Plan Property Investments

The surrounding areas have grown as well, with many ongoing residential developments. The proximity of these developments to Castlefield’s beautiful spaces, the city centre’s business and financial areas, and high street boutiques and shops make them attractive off plan property investments. 

Big Plans for Transport and Connectivity to Bring People Closer to Castlefield

Further regeneration plans in transport links into Manchester and the interlinks between the city centre and Greater Manchester are sure to raise property prices, especially for off plan property investments in Castlefield, the city's first urban heritage park. 

Transport Links a Key Component for Great Castlefield Off Plan Property Investments

Castlefield Manchester Property Investment also boasts of its strong connectivity and transport links that connect Manchester not just to the rest of the UK, but to the entire world. 

It's no secret that Manchester’s location is one of the reasons it is an economic success. The city is in the centre of the country and serves as a crossroads for air and land transport links. This has made the city attractive to investments, new businesses, and new jobs. These in turn, make off plan property investments in Castlefield very attractive to investors. 

Air Transport Connects Manchester to the Rest of the UK and the World 

Manchester Airport is UK's third busiest airport, after Heathrow and Gatwick. While its operations were affected by the two lockdowns imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the easing of travel restrictions has allowed the airport to receive more and more passengers. It serves over 27 million passengers and handles over 100,000 tonnes of import and export freight and mail per year. 

The Manchester City Council, together with the councils of Greater Manchester, are majority owners of Manchester Airport. It is currently undergoing a £1 billion expansion to double Terminal 2's current size and potentially handle 35 million passengers. 

HS2 Link Will Connect Airport to Castlefield and City Centre

A High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) station link, which will be called the Manchester Airport High Speed rail station, is in the works to create a reliable shuttle service connecting passengers to and from the city centre. Once completed, this new connectivity will allow better access into the city centre and help grow Manchester's cultural and shopping tourism sectors as well as its exhibitions and conferences trade. 

Castlefield Off Plan Property Investments

Driving or Riding into Manchester

The M60 Orbital Motorway (or Ring Road) connects M62, M63, M66 and M67, and A57 (M), to name a few and connects the city centre and Greater Manchester to the North and the South. It is one of the UK's busiest roadways. But most Mancunians (Manchester natives/residents) don’t drive, opting instead to take public transport whenever they need to, be it going to other cities or moving within the city centre. 

Whether by air or by land, Manchester's visitors are comprised of three types: delegates to the exhibitions and conferences organised within the city centre, domestic and international tourists attracted by Manchester's rich history, cultural landmarks like Castlefield and its high street shopping centres, and fans of the city’s two world-famous football clubs. 

Connectivity Also Attracts Young Professionals, Families, and Workers

Castlefield also attracts visitors of a different kind: those intending to stay for an extended and even permanent stay as regeneration developments, new businesses coming in, and companies transferring into the city centre create employment opportunities. Expect Castlefield off plan property investments to grow as more and more investments, businesses, and jobs pour into the city centre.

No Car? No Worries About Getting Around Castlefield and Manchester

Manchester is notable for being one of the UK cities with the least car traffic, relying instead on its extensive citywide rail network, bus systems, and trams. The city council has also pedestrianised many of its streets to give people a chance to enjoy walking through its high street shops and leisure areas. 

To help people working in the city centre and students going to school, they also introduced a cycle sharing scheme and dedicated cycle lanes across the city centre. For trips in and out of the city centre, travellers can use the Manchester Metrolink and bus system.

Castlefield Off Plan Property Investments

Manchester Metrolink: Serving the City Centre, Castlefield, and Surrounding Areas

Greater Manchester can be reached through the Manchester Metrolink, which has a total length of 105 km (65 miles) with 99 stops and over eight lines. This, coupled with the city's bus system, allows for ease of travel and makes Castlefield off plan property investments more attractive. 

A Mix of Solid Fundamentals Works for Castlefield Off Plan Property Investments 

Castlefield, in particular, is a unique spot. The convergence of historical landmarks, many pleasant parks, canals, and outdoor spaces for leisure, its posh retail outlets, boutiques, restaurants, and bistros attract everyone---young professionals after work, new families, or friends enjoying each other's company. Castlefield is close to the city centre's business and office districts and many residential areas, making it an attractive area to consider for off plan property investments. 

Picking the Right Area Close to Castlefield For Your Off Plan Property Investments In 2022

Whether your goal is building future wealth, planning for retirement, or making a quick ROI turnaround (especially if your prospective tenants work in the financial and tech districts just around the corner), Castlefield off plan property investments and those close to the area like Salford are definitely good options for you. 

Off Plan Property Investments In Castlefield and the Surrounding Areas

If you are looking at the long term, then off plan property investments in Castlefield and the surrounding developments are for you. They have the potential for strong capital growth and good rental yields owing to being close to solid investment fundamentals in the city centre. 

There are many off plan investment options available to you. The right action to take is first to know more about the areas around Castlefield and find the one that fits your goals, your current situation and your plan. Chat with our team or call us on +44 (0)207 923 6100 today to learn more about off plan property investments in Castlefield and its surrounding regeneration areas, plus learn more about using the right strategy that would give you the confidence to invest with certainty.

Brett Alegre-wood
June 25, 2022

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