The Right Mix of Schools and Fundamentals Raises Profile of Castlefield Off Plan Property Investments

There’s more to Castlefield than being the UK’s first urban heritage park: it is a multi-faceted location that combines conservation areas, business and office spaces, as well as retail and leisure centres. Surrounding Castlefield are some of the best educational institutions, too, making it the ideal place to live, study, work and play and enjoy the urban delights that Manchester has to offer. 

A Centre Radiating with Culture, Business and Education

At its heart, Castlefield is rich with historical and cultural landmarks waiting to be discovered. Radiating outward are the many business districts that support Manchester’s economic growth and success, like Spinningfields and the Northern Quarter, to name two. Dotting these conservation areas and business centres are the sources of Manchester’s talented pool of professionals: its many fine schools and universities. 

These schools, coupled with the many solid fundamentals, contribute to making Castlefield and its surrounding regeneration developments and off plan property very lucrative long-term investments for the city and investors like you. 

Castlefield: An Amazing Central Urban Space to Work, Entertain, and Live In

Castlefield is the ideal location for people who want to live, work, and enjoy its closeness to the city centre. Surrounding Castlefield as well are many off plan property investments and residential developments that may attract investors like you. The fact that Castlefield is also close to Manchester’s transport links, schools, shops and leisure facilities adds to its attractiveness as a great residential hotspot to invest in. 

Castlefield Off Plan Property

When Families Work in the City Centre, They’ll Want to Be Close to Schools

Education is one of the key reasons why professionals and families that work in the city centre choose Castlefield and its surrounding areas. That’s why regeneration projects that are targeted for family living are developed close to schools, colleges, and universities for accessibility and ease. 

Apart from being a key fundamental in property investment, education is also a key asset in Manchester’s economic success. It is a vital reason why many regeneration developments and off plan property investments are in Castlefield, and nearby areas like Salford, because of their closeness to the city centre’s business quarters and in Greater Manchester. Castlefield off plan property investments, in particular, are close to schools, offices, and leisure and shopping centres. 

Developing a Talented and Intelligent Manchester Workforce

Manchester’s financial and professional services sector is one of the key drivers contributing to the city centre's success. And what makes this and other sectors successful is attributed to the nurturing and growth of a talent pool from the city’s colleges and universities. 

Manchester's Brain Trust and Source of Highly Sought-After Skills and Talent 

Manchester’s top universities produce over 40,000 highly intelligent and talented graduates each year. The three closest to Castlefield are The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and University Academy 92. One of the UK's most prominent business schools - the Alliance Manchester Business School, is nearby as well.  

Manchester's Major Businesses and Employers Seek Out Local Talent Pool

Graduates of these universities are highly sought by major employers who have opened, expanded, or relocated their headquarters in Manchester. Most do decide to stay to work in the city, establish their careers in their respective fields of specialisation, and seek housing in areas like Castlefield and Salford, where many residential and regeneration developments are currently being built. 

Some of these graduates become entrepreneurs setting up startup companies, particularly in the fintech, digital, AI, and data sciences industries. 

Programmes and Courses for Professionals and Workers Employed in Manchester

The proximity of tertiary and sixth form colleges to the business and office districts in Castlefield and Manchester creates an environment that encourages collaboration and learning. And many companies take advantage of having these institutions close by to collaborate and research together. 

Castlefield Property Investments

Collaboration Between Manchester Businesses and Research Institutions

Many businesses also send their staff and workforce in to stay updated and at par with the latest advancements and developments in their respective fields. They regularly collaborate with the city’s colleges, universities and research institutes for the advancement of knowledge and technology in key areas like transport and logistics, business and finance, legal knowledge, culture and arts, e-commerce, digital technology, AI and data science. 

Employment, Education and Economic Environment Beneficial to Property Investors 

The surprising effect this has on Castlefield off plan properties is that these young professionals are staying and starting their families in Manchester. Employment, a culture of learning, and a steady economic environment make long-term investments in property in Castlefield and surrounding areas truly promising. 

Not Only Schools But Good Solid Fundamentals As Well

Castlefield and its surrounding areas are ideal for families who work and live near the city centre. That's because there are many schools and universities that can be found around Castlefield. 

Add its close proximity to the city centre, to the office and business quarters, investment and employment, as well as to transport links, retail and leisure and schools, and you have an area that’s perfect for property investment. If your ideal tenants are families with growing children or university students (domestic or international), having the schools they go to close at hand will make your Castlefield off plan property investments very good for the long term. 

If you would like to know more about off plan property investments in Castlefield and the surrounding areas, chat with our team today and let us help you learn how to create a plan that can give you the confidence and certainty to invest in Castlefield Manchester.

Brett Alegre-wood
July 2, 2022

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