History and Regeneration Make Castlefield Off Plan Property Investments Highly Sought After

Brett Alegre-wood
July 9, 2022

Castlefield was one of the first industrial areas in Manchester to undergo regeneration. But before any changes or developments were carried out, even the locals wouldn’t dare go near the area. It was derelict and full of abandoned warehouses—an industrial wasteland populated by the nastier members of society. Not anymore! 

A Popular Tourist Destination and Urban Oasis for Mancunians

Today, Castlefield is a verdant haven within the urban centre of Manchester. It is enticing to tourists with easy walks and scenic views and a respite for locals looking to unwind and enjoy a drink or two after a hard day’s work. Gone are the signs of decay, and in its place are massive regeneration projects supported by the city council and massive investments. 

Castlefield has been transformed into one of the must-see areas of Manchester and a lively quarter filled with shops, dining and leisure establishments, close to the city centre’s business districts, schools, and to Greater Manchester. 

A Confluence of History, Culture, Business and Modern Comforts in Castlefield

At the centre of Castlefield is The Castlefield Urban Heritage Park. This area covers all the scenic canalside area down to Liverpool Road, off Deansgate. Numerous archaeological digs have been undertaken to explore Castlefield’s early history, and Manchester’s growth through the ages. 

Castlefield Off Plan Property Investment

Roman and Industrial Heart of Historic Manchester

Castlefield is the industrial and Roman heart of historic Manchester. At the centre of Castlefield are the ruins of the Roman fort, Mamucium (also called Mancunium). A little way south, a village soon grew and flourished in the Middle Ages. 

This site would soon birth the mills of the textile industry and catapult Manchester into the Industrial Revolution. Bridgewater Canal which operated to transport coal into Castlefield would become the UK’s first true arterial canal and the world’s first industrial canal, sparking industrialisation for the entire country. Another historic landmark being conserved is the Castlefield Viaduct, a 330-metre railway built in 1892. It has been designated as a Grade 2 structure, and plans are in place to develop it as a tourist attraction. 

The Old and New in Castlefield’s Tourist and Shopping Attractions

Castlefield is not only known for its urban heritage park. It is also a beautifully planned and executed urban development where historical landmarks, modern shopping, and leisure pursuits can be found. The Manchester City Council has encouraged and supported regeneration developments in Castlefield and its surrounding areas to highlight its conservation area (and boost its potential as a tourism centre) while encouraging businesses and offices to open, expand or relocate their headquarters. 

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Mixing Business with Relaxation and Pleasure in Castlefield

These regeneration projects have not only revived Castlefield as a business and leisure area, it has also renewed interest in Manchester’s history and culture. Its historic canal basin is now part of a scenic area. Its erstwhile abandoned industrial warehouse complexes were redeveloped into business offices, restaurants and open-air bistros, pubs and bars, entertainment areas, and residential units. 

Businesses and offices that call Castlefield home range from media and entertainment studios, tech startups, and collaborative research spaces. Areas within Castlefield and nearby are also being regenerated into residential spaces to answer the demand for housing from Manchester’s growing population. It’s an ideal location to live in as the city centre’s business, financial, and office districts are just around the corner. 

Castlefield’s Modern Comforts Close to Manchester’s Business Districts

Because of its proximity to residential areas and the city centre, Castlefield is a favourite dining and meeting place for locals and workers. Castlefield has many bars, restaurants, and leisure establishments catering to tourists, young professionals, and families. 

During the summer months, open-air entertainment is organised where everyone can enjoy outdoor dining, live entertainment, and each other’s company. And because Castlefield is close to the Deansgate railway station, visiting it is easy and a quick ride away! 

Regeneration Castlefield Off Plan Property

All Roads Lead to Castlefield—Not Necessarily, But They Should! 

Many roads lead to Castlefield, making it easier to access education and making Castlefield a hotspot for property investment. With Greater Manchester’s extensive citywide rail network of over 200 train and tram stations, Deansgate — one of the four mainline stations is a stone’s throw away from Castlefield, a 5-minute walk, to be precise. 

Plus, it’s easier to go to Castlefield with the free Metroshuttle bus (route 2) running along Deansgate. Other tenants’ preference is to use the city’s cycle sharing system. They can easily visit Castlefield’s historic landmarks, the stunning waterfront-facing restaurants, beautiful parks, and other open-air bistros.

Castlefield Is A Centre for Culture, Leisure and Great Schools

From an industrial district, Castlefield is now a thriving centre for culture, leisure and education. Its neighbourhood has been transformed in recent years, making Castlefield property investment worth considering. The area has plenty of restaurants and bars, museums, other must-visit heritage sites, and excellent schools. 

Education is one of the key drivers why young professionals and families in the city centre choose Castlefield and its nearby areas. This is why regeneration projects are targeted for family living and are closely developed to schools, colleges, and universities for easy access, as well as to offices and shopping and leisure areas. To name a few of the top education providers, Manchester University is just a 4-minute drive, while the University of Salford is just 14 minutes away from Castlefield.

Apart from being a key fundamental in property investment, shops and leisure are also key assets in Castlefield’s economic success. Salford’s famous Quayside MediaCityUK is only a 16-minute drive away. Heritage attractions such as the Imperial War Museum is only 5 minutes away. And almost at the tip of your hand is the Science & Industry Museum and the Manchester Art Gallery with a 7-minute travel time from Castlefield.

Castlefield Property Investments

For shops where tenants can purchase anything they want, there are the Arndale Shopping Centre, King Street Retail Shops, and Market Street Retail Shops (all 7 minutes away from Castlefield). 

Castlefield’s shops, culture, leisure, and great schools are vital reasons why off plan property investments in Castlefield are booming.

Tourism is a Priority, But Castlefield Offers Off Plan Property Investments, Too

Although tourism is one of Castlefield’s primary industries, the area also offers investment potential for those who know where to look. With good transport links and an ever-growing community, property investors are taking this time to get in on the action.

Castlefield tenants can enjoy their lives close to Manchester city centre, where everything they need, including restaurants and shops, is just a few minutes walk from home.

With these, Castlefield off plan property investments easily attract investors like you. The fact that Castlefield is also close to Manchester’s transport links, schools, shops and leisure facilities adds to its attractiveness as a great residential hotspot to invest in. 

Discover More About Off Plan Property Investments in Castlefield and Nearby Areas

There are a lot of options if you’re interested in Castlefield off plan property investments and nearby areas. Castlefield is Manchester’s most up-and-coming neighbourhood, with a rich history and plenty of regeneration in the pipeline. These make Castlefield the perfect place for property investors. If you’re interested in learning more about investing in Castlefield, be sure to chat with our team, so we can give you the certainty and the advice you need to make a sound investment.


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