Introduction to Developer Loan Notes

Brett Alegre-Wood
December 17, 2019

Video Transcription:

Hi guys. Brett Alegre-Wood here from Gladfish. Developer loan notes are all the rage right now. Everybody's talking about them. People are looking at investing in them, seeing ways they can make money as an alternative to direct property investment. What can they do with their spare little bit of cash? They might have 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand, that they're saving up before they buy the next property. Or maybe they just want to sit in the market for a little while. They're not sure about where to buy or what to buy. This is a great alternative because it gets your money working for you. Let's face it, if it's in the bank right now, it's not earning anything. When you consider the rate you're getting versus inflation, your money's going backwards. This, a developer loan note over a short period, let's say 12 months, is a great way to earn a higher than bank interest.

Now sure you've got the risks and all that sort of stuff, and the course that I've written will explain to you all of the risks and benefits attached. It'll go head to head. It'll show you the head to head with property and the stock market so you get a really good sense for what it's all about. So I encourage you to jump online. It's

It's  So jump on there, sign up. It's a really simple, easy, I break down, it's not going to be complex, it's not too long winded. It just gets the core facts out. So you have a really good foundation to build from if it's something that you're looking to invest in, okay? So jump online, So  all one word, and then we'll look forward to seeing you on the course. See you later guys. Bye.


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