Looking to Let or Sell your property

Brett Alegre-Wood
December 16, 2019

Video Transcription:

So, guys, I think if you're looking to let your property or sell your property, don't just think that the agent that puts it on Rightmove and Zoopla... And in fact, some of them say they do over a hundred different platforms. I mean there's lots of these platforms that are all around the world. Do they get much volume? Not really, and they're very easy to add it onto. So don't be deceived by just saying Rightmove, Zoopla. Don't be deceived by saying they're on hundreds of platforms. Look at the innovation and just sort of think about is this agent actually innovative?

The other side is the non-web stuff, which is the high street stuff still works very well. Okay. It's just in decline. And what you're finding is now a lot of the high street agents that are on the high street are actually doing okay, and they're maintaining their dominance for now because their competitors on the high street are going bust.

So on the high street, the people that are going to the high streets still and looking in the window, they're getting more business for those guys. So that actually is another element that's happening out there in the high street. So some agents you'll speak to them say, no, the high street's great, it's fantastic.

I'm not sure that's a long term solution for them. I think that's more of a short term all our competitors have gone bust. And now all our competitors have gone bust as more and more business moves online, we're going to still suffer.

But look guys, don't be on the face of it impressed or not impressed just because somebody says Rightmove, Zoopla. There are lots of other ways to generate clients and get your property let, get your property sold and get interest in your property. And a lot of them to be fair are online now. All right, guys have a great day. Live with passion.


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