Investment News – Recovery Special 4: GDP and the recession

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 23, 2009

Investment News - Recovery Special 4

Welcome to week four of the Recovery Special! Apologies for the lack of news last week I was in Ireland for St Paddy's day.

But we're back this week and first up I'll be taking you through a quick review of the what's happening in the property. First up the backlash against new FSA regulations that may stop you from getting a mortgage if its value is more than 3 times your income. Next we'll take a look overseas at the US market and how they're solving their toxic loan problems.

We'll be looking at why Sir David Tang is saying that optimism is a cure for the economic downturn and how your mindset is crucial to beat the recession. Finally, we'll look at why there is a select portion of the market where prices are on the rise and why getting in now is so important.

The Recovery Special presentation will take a look at GDP what it is, how it's calculated and how we can use it to predict the length and severity of this recession. You'll learn why actions and emotions are your best defense and why you need to act now or miss out on a massive investment opportunity!

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood


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