Is It Still A Good Idea To Become Property Investors And New Landlords? Short Answer: YES!

Property investors and new landlords have increased over the last five years in the UK. This confirms the fact that property continues to be an attractive option to add when you are planning to expand your investment portfolio into real estate. 

This is key finding discovered by a market study conducted by Total Landlord Insurance. The study covers key areas like London and compares the increase of its property investors and new landlords to the rest of the UK. 

New Developments in London

Massive Increase Of Property Investors And New Landlords In London And Surrounding Areas

London has seen a massive increase in new landlords and property investors in the last five years. Its growth of 8.4% over five years (including the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns) surpasses any of the other regions in the UK. 

This number is deceptive, but it is a significant increase when you consider that across the UK, the increase in new landlords and property investors during the same five-year period was only 2.4%. 

Within London and at the local authority level, the City of London’s new landlords and property investors increased to 37%. This is followed by Barking and Dagenham with a 20% increase in properties purchased as investments (capital growth or more likely for lettings).  

Outside of London, the number of landlords has increased, as well.  In Slough, for example, the increase is at 20%. Newham and Thurrock had the same increase in the number of landlords at 16% each. Likewise, East of England and South East have seen increases of 4% and 3.4%. 

Growth In The Capital Is Good But Not All Areas Experienced That

But not every area has seen an increase in landlords and property investors. In Wales, for example, the number of property investors has declined in the last three years by -3.9%. 

Likewise, the South West declined by -1.5%. The North East and Scotland both have lesser decline with only -0.6% and -0.3%, respectively. 

Nevertheless, the relevance of property as a future investment cannot be emphasised enough. Despite the tight restrictions on compliance, tax holidays and the revocation of relief on stamp duties, and other changes in legal and legislation, property investment is a solid place to park your money. 

Now, if you want to know more about which city, borough, or area to invest in, that is a little more complex and will require a little more instruction.

Book a chat or call our team today on 02079236100 to know why our property investment strategy focuses on off-plan and new build property investments. We can also show you how our 3+1 Regeneration Plan works for your goals and current situation. You can choose the right property investment strategy that will help you gain the confidence to invest with certainty in areas with good solid fundamentals. 

Brett Alegre-wood
September 7, 2022

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