How Birmingham’s Top Schools Make Southside A Hotspot For Residential Property Investments

Brett Alegre-wood
September 8, 2022

Birmingham’s Southside District may be known for the Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village, but its proximity to the top schools in the city centre helps raise its economic profile as a residential property investment hotspot. 

The Southside District is Birmingham’s cultural heart and a top tourist destination. But only two years prior, the district experienced its lowest point. 

The Covid-19 pandemic stopped the Southside’s night-time economy right in its tracks. It shut down the Gay Village and the Chinese Quarter was reduced to its barest during the two years the lockdowns were in place. 

If it were not for the easing of the lockdowns, the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and the efforts of the Southside BID team, the world would never know how great Birmingham’s Southside is for nurturing a city’s culture, character, and creative heart. 

Library of Birmingham - Southside Birmingham Property Investment

Top Schools + Southside, Birmingham’s Regeneration Developments Make It a Property Investment Hotspot

Birmingham is known as transport hub and a key economic centre in the West Midlands. It is also known for its top educational centre in the UK with schools and universities gathered in and around the city centre. 

Birmingham’s Southside is in a unique position to provide the domestic and international students that come to the city to study centralised, easily accessible, residential space. 

First, its proximity to the city centre and to the top universities in Birmingham, makes the Southside a prime residential prospect. Second, the regeneration developments in Southside Birmingham make the district make it even more appealing, and will help with the housing demand. 

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These regeneration projects (both commercial and residential) are essential to the district. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns forced many shops, entertainment and leisure centres to close. These regeneration projects will help attract more investments, new businesses and major employers, and help the district recover. 

Closeness To Top Universities And Creative Schools Makes Southside Birmingham A Property Investment Hotspot

It is estimated that there are more than 65,000 students in Birmingham, UK. This number helps drives up the demand for housing close to and within the city centre. 

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns have been eased, these and other universities around Birmingham are regaining their pre-Covid enrolment numbers.

Birmingham’s Top Universities Close To Southside And Its Residential Property Investments 

That high number of students is what makes Southside Birmingham such an attractive residential property investment area. It is close to many of the top universities like University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Aston University, Newman University, and the University College Birmingham. 

But that’s not all. In the aftermath of the 2022 Commonwealth Games was the happy discovery of Birmingham’s growing creative industry. Birmingham has always been a strong business and financial services provider. 

But now, it is stepping up as a regional powerhouse in the creative industry. And close to Southside Birmingham are many creative arts schools and institutions that support this growing industry. 

University Birmingham

Southside Birmingham’s Proximity And Residential Developments Help Answer Housing Demand By Families And Students 

One thing that the 2022 Commonwealth Games uncovered and showcased is Birmingham’s underappreciated creative industry. While Southside Birmingham has always been the creative and cultural heart of the city, the ravages of the pandemic and its lockdown virtually closed the district down. 

And yet, Southside Birmingham has been able to weather it and thrive. Birmingham’s creative arts schools are at the centre of that effort. The city centre has some of the best institutions in the region and many of its schools over instruction in design, film, music, performing and visual arts, advertising and marketing, among others. 

Schools That Help Grow Birmingham’s Cultural and Creative Bank Of Talent

Some of these schools include the Access Creative College Birmingham, the School of Art, the Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Arts Design and Media, the School of Visual Communication, the BOA Stage and Screen Academy, the Birmingham Ormiston Academy for Creative, Digital, and Performing Arts, and so many others. 

Southside Birmingham is one of the quarters in the city that provides academic and professional outlets for students of these schools. It is the perfect place to provide graduates an avenue to practice their crafts. 

And because of the development of the creative industry in Birmingham, Southside is not only the perfect place for graduates to gravitate towards. It is also a centre for both commercial and residential property investment opportunities. 

Southside Birmingham’s Cultural Quarter Complements Schools And Universities In The City Centre

What makes Southside Birmingham ideal for residential property investments is its proximity to many of the solid fundamentals. This includes cultural centres. And Birmingham is the home of many internationally renowned cultural institutions and artistic organisations. The city hosts the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, to name a few.  

Two other cultural institutions are the Library of Birmingham and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. They both enjoy much attention from visitors who come to see and enjoy the culture and history of the city. 

The Southside is particularly fortunate to be close to many of these institutions and schools. And its regeneration projects as well as its off plan and new build property investments benefit by being the first choice for students (both domestic and international) and families moving into the city. 

Another advantage for living in Southside Birmingham is its closeness to the business and office quarters. There are also many shops, entertainment and leisure centres in the Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village. These solid fundamentals will help property investments in the area improve in capital and in rental yields. 

But there’s more work to be done and doing the heavy lifting for the improvement of the local community and businesses is the Southside BID team. 

Southside Business Improvement District: Connecting To The Education Quarter Through Commercial and Residential Property Developments

Birmingham is a major commercial centre. It is also a primary retail, events, and conference hub. The Southside, in fact, is one of the key reasons why the city is such a major attraction. 

But apart from these, Birmingham is also a top university town and districts like the Southside are looking to answer the demand for housing. Students, families, and university staff and workers all require housing close to the schools they go to. For Southside Birmingham this means creating an community that will welcome both commercial and residential developments. 

Lobbying for New Businesses, Regeneration And Development Projects

As Southside Birmingham was coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, it had a huge challenge: managing a turnaround. Not all of the shops in the Chinese Quarter nor all the nightclubs in the Gay Village would be reopening. Something had to be done. 

That’s where the quiet but hardworking Southside Business Improvement District (Southside BID) team came in. Established in 2011, this team is a not-for-profit, elected organisation in place to deliver improvements to Southside Birmingham. Its responsibilities ranged from improving traffic and implementing pedestrianisation projects, and coordinating with the local community and businesses. 

The Southside BID team also works hard for the entry of new businesses to open or relocate into the area. Likewise, it lobbies to the city council for regeneration projects. The team is key component in pushing for regeneration. 

Birmingham City Centre - Southside Birmingham Property Investment

Southside Birmingham Answers The Housing Demand With Residential Property Developments

Regeneration can help bring in not only commercial and residential developments. It will also help attract inward investments and new businesses. Housing, new business, and a thriving hospitality and entertainment sector are essential for Southside’s turnaround. 

Southside Birmingham’s regeneration projects hope to complement the rejuvenation of local businesses. It is also intended to delivering new units to answer the increasing demand for housing. 

An example is the new commercial and residential development being constructed at the Smithfield Markets, just outside of the Gay Village. This development is expected to provide over 3,000 residential units. An ideal turnout that would make Southside Birmingham attractive not only to students but also to professionals and families. 

Creating A Community That Welcomes All In Southside Birmingham

Ultimately, the goal to create not only a healthy economy but a thriving community in Southside Birmingham. A community where culture and creativity thrive. Where professionals working in the city centre can walk home to. Where students and graduates can pursue their dreams and professions. A safe and welcoming environment where families can live and rest easy. Gone are the ravages of the pandemic, and in its place is a rising district full of opportunities and property investment potential. 

Chat with our team today to learn more about Southside Birmingham. We can help you learn more about the district’s regeneration projects, and commercial and residential developments. You can also learn about how to plan and create strategies that can give you the confidence and certainty to invest in Southside, Birmingham.

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