My two biggest drivers in property drivers! What’s yours

Brett Alegre-Wood
December 4, 2019

Video Transcription:

So I thought I'd just change it up this morning and talk about... It's all great to talk about strategy and structure and mortgages and whatever else, but I think one of the key things, and one of the key distinctions about being a successful property investor is it's got to give you more life. If it doesn't give you more life, then you're doing it wrong. I think this is something that's missed out on a lot of people because they focus so much on finding the right property. They focus so much on all the technical stuff, when actually what really motivates you and what really makes you want to do it and go out there and view properties and negotiate and put in ridiculous offers and do all these sort of things is the reason why. One of the reasons why for me, well actually I've got two of them here, one which is sitting here building sandcastles, my son. Say hello.

That's Bastien there. The other one is, of course, the ocean out there. I'm on the Gold Coast now. In fact, you probably don't even want to watch me. You probably want to watch the ocean because it's much more beautiful isn't it? But look guys, you've got to really find your why. You've got to really find why it is your doing this and what property gives that's going to motivate you and get you out of bed and get you in negotiating because that's key. I think the sooner we get into really knowing what we want, the more motivated we are and the things aren't a problem. Issues will come up and they'll just, it's water off a duck's back.

I think that's one of the key distinctions that we need to make is that if you don't have a why, everything's an uphill battle and it's a pain and then the tenant doesn't do this or this costs more money to renovate or the government changes this and everything just gets you down. In the end, you just don't do it, which is what by far the majority of people, they don't do it and look where they end up. I mean I don't even need to quote stats. You guys can see most people end up miserable existence in retirement. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. The sooner you get organised, you get a reason why, the sooner you're actually going to start benefiting from what property gives, which is amazing lifestyle and the choice to travel.

I kind of live in three countries and my kids and I travel and we know we have a great lifestyle. Make no mistake, I work my butt off. I'm probably one of the hardest workers that I know. But I love what I do, so it's not really work. I think that's where part of it is redefining what is work and what is actually our passion. I think when you do that, you realise that some of the stuff you're doing that you really enjoy is actually your passion and your work is a chore. Actually it may be a case of you need to change a few things.

But anyway, so get a why, think about it and then work out what's important to you. I can tell you, there's two big motivators there, the beach and my family. Of course, I've got to mention Arlene in there as well, but I'm actually in the Gold Coast now, this is where we are right now, and she's off with two of the kids back in Singapore. I'm in Gold Coast for the school holidays with the two older kids. But anyway guys, have a fantastic day. Say goodbye, Bastien.

Cool and we'll speak real soon. Bye.


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