Property Investment News – 2015 Election Result – Good News

Brett Alegre-Wood
May 22, 2015

Property Investment News - 2015 Election Result Good News

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Weekly Property News!

This week I'll be taking a minute to discuss the UK's general election result and what this means for a property investor.

So the Conservatives have won and buy to let landlords and property investors can breath a sigh of relief, and lurking ghouls of rent control and mansion taxes have disappeared. And what is more, the Conservatives have won a majority government which provides us with a certainty that the economy really needs.

This certainity has been replicated in Scotland where one party has been elected providing unity in voter sentiment. Hopefully, this certainity will mean the government will stick to their promises from their manifestos (fingers crossed) and we should see steady economic growth.

Finally, I talk about some of the policies which directly involve people investing in property, either as a home or as an investment, and some news that I think will allow more people to take advantage of property investment.

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood


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