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Property Investment News

This week’s property investment news – with a warning for landlords

More buy-to-let property investors are using limited companies

More buy-to-let investors are using limited companies to buy properties than ever before. According to the latest industry numbers, one in five homes in the private rented sector are now owned in a limited company structure to save tax. It is the highest proportion since records began in 2010. Read More
Property Investment News

Investment News – Property investment news points to bigger BTL profits

Rents up and mortgage rates down in a quiet UK property market

Investment news over the last week has been mostly positive for property investors. As I discussed in my property rant “Why I laughed when they said buy-to-let is dead!”, 2016 saw a lot of negative headlines for residential property investment. The bad vibes ranged from Brexit to tax changes, to Trump. Read More
UK Property Investment

Property Investment News – game-changing new product…

Reduce Home Loans launches new product,

I've said it before and I'll say it again, interest rates will go up, and they will come down again. When I hear clients stressing about when interest rates rise I remind them that you need to be prepared and plan your cash flow to allow for rate rises so you can relax if it does happen. See my Principle of Mortgage Cost Averaging for more on this and keep up to date on property investment news. Having said all of that, I've got some exciting news for all of you and this time the interest rate is important! Our finance partners at Reduce Home Loans today launched a new product to a select group of existing clients. And now this new product is available to you through YPC Group. You'll get a low rate of 6.88%* on a new purchase or refinance of an existing one. Plus there's no application, legal or valuation fees so you'll be saving money in the short term and the long. Read More
House Prices

Good news for house prices

It's better than they would have us believe,

Well, house prices have been dropping for five months now which is kind of in line with our expectations. Or have they? I have said for the last two years that people shouldn't believe the statistical averages the papers churn out each month. They display a picture that can and will look very different from the property, street and area you own. 'Get local' is always my chant. Do your due diligence on your local area and see what is happening. Only this way will you get a real indication of what your house prices are doing. Read More
UK Property Investment

Property Investment News – The Financial News profiles the British Enterprise Bank

BEP makes it to the FT

Wealthy investors in the Middle and Far East are being sought out by a bunch of altruistic hedge fund managers, not to pour money into their equity long-short strategies this time, but to help out struggling businesses in the UK .The British Enterprise Bank, led by Jono Shorrock, a former Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley senior banker, is to launch early next year and intends to lend to companies that have found traditional banking lenders reluctant to lend following the financial crisis. Read More
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