6 Crucial Points on property market and economy update

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 24, 2010

6 crucial points

Just 2 weeks ago at our Manchester "How to Make a Killing in Off-Plan Property" seminar, Brett spent exactly 7 minutes delivering an in-depth property and economy market update, specifically dealing with:

- Government policy, business outlook, and investor sentiment
- Where the economy is likely to be in 6-12 months and...
- How as a property investor, you need to be making your plans now and already be putting them in place.

Property News and the 6 crucial ponts

We've extracted and uploaded for you just that seven minute segment of the video for you where he covers 6 crucial points you need to be aware of today:

1. Double dip, arguments and evidence against it, and the likely outcomes
2. Employment numbers: how and why this will lead us up and out
3. Government spending: how they'll handle it and what the upshot will be for investors
4. Why 2011 will be a year of strikes and what this means to the economy and you
5. Bank interest rates will rise, and why this will be the best news of the year
6. How the next four quarters will play out; Brett shows you the signs to watch out for and gives you an outline of how your investment strategy for 2011-2012 should look.

Any questions - give the team a call on +44 (0)207 923 6100. They're fully up to date with everything in this video and are ready to chat or sit down with you over a coffee to you plan you next steps.



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