Switching Gears: £11 Billion Eastside Birmingham Property Regeneration Transforms The City From A Manufacturing Hub To A Services-Oriented Superstar

Imagine if you will: Eastside Birmingham’s sad city skyline in the 1980’s and 90’s filled with decaying and dilapidated buildings and complexes; its manufacturing industry is dead.

Property prices crash as investors pull out, and businesses and workers move to other cities and industry centres. Eastside Birmingham unemployment reaches over 20%.

It was a recession like no other industrial city had ever seen. But where others saw ruin, Birmingham’s city council saw an opportunity for growth through regeneration. 


£11-Billion Property Regeneration Kickstarts Services, Tourism, Leisure, and Employment Opportunities

Fast forward to 2010: the Birmingham city council launches it “Big City Plan” with Eastside Birmingham as one of the key areas targeted for regeneration. The Eastside district covers projects like Eastside City Park, City Park Gate, Masshouse, and High Speed 2.  It is a massive regeneration of a city centre location the likes of which has never been seen in decades. 

For property investors like you, this £11 billion, 20-year regeneration project promises to be a very good opportunity. As the various projects come online, property values and rentals will climb. Early investors will generally see huge returns for their foresight. 

Shifting Manufacturing Properties into a Services-Based Infrastructure to Revitalise Eastside Birmingham

This massive regeneration is Birmingham’s push to make its city centre the destination for domestic and international investment and the country’s top regional centre for business conferences and exhibitions. By shifting to a services-based economy, Birmingham has created new infrastructure to attract new business and tech companies, and revitalised its retail, cultural and leisure locations to attract tourists (visitors and day trippers). Coupled with the influx of new employment opportunities and it’s no surprise that the demand for housing is expected to soar. When investors like you come in early, your off-plan and new build investments may expect to see huge gains once the regeneration is complete.

£11-Billion Property Regeneration Kickstarts Employment, Business, and Property Investment Opportunities

That’s the beauty of regeneration development: taking what was once a wasteland and transforming it into a paradise of investment opportunities. Any city centre that has undergone regeneration has seen its property prices increase. Located close to two of the city’s most reputable universities, its close proximity to the city centre, to revitalised parks and canals, and the soon-to-operate High Speed 2 (HS2) transport link, Eastside Birmingham properties are expected to go on a price boom very soon. 

Despite a 39% rise in property investment prices in the past ten years (because of the Big City Plan regeneration project), investing in Birmingham remains very attractive—and sought after. As of this writing, rental yields are outperforming the national average (of 5%) at 5.91%, with city centre apartments yielding as high as 7%. Expect these numbers to rise rapidly in the next five years, as the Big City Plan rolls closer to completion. 


More Business, Services, Employment, and Transport Means More Opportunities for Property Investors

Apart from the boom in retail, business, and leisure activities, regeneration in Eastside Birmingham has also led to the development of an innovation and technology quarter—a nod to the city’s importance as the centre for invention and innovation during the Industrial Revolution. This quarter is targeting tech, software, and creative businesses and startups looking to set up shop in the city. With, the completion of High Speed 2 (HS2) transport link,  the city centre is more accessible to commuters and workers from the surrounding vicinity. It will also increase the already high demand for housing in the areas immediately around the city centre. 

But before you get caught up in all the excitement, you’ll need to consider your investing options. Just as Birmingham’s regeneration was planned and executed over a time frame, there’s no need for you to rush. Real property investment means taking the time to learn and consider your property investment options, to listen to the experts and adapting to market conditions, and finally deciding based on good, solid property investment fundamentals.  

So if you want to learn more about Eastside Birmingham and the opportunities open to you, chat with our our team on 02079236100. Or, book a time with us and we’ll get back to you.  

Brett Alegre-wood
May 15, 2022

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