Transport Links Key to Manchester’s Growth and Off Plan Property Investments

Manchester may be known for being one of the first industrial cities in the country, for its rich manufacturing and industrial history, culture, sports, and leisure facilities, but in business and trade, it commands respect for being the primary transport and logistic hub in the country, after London. 

That is something to be proud of, and as the city continues to grow, so are the opportunities in Manchester off plan property investments. Manchester’s workforce is growing, and this growth demands reliable transport links and housing. 

Transport Links Continue to Be a Big Factor in Manchester’s Economic Growth

Regeneration developments are not only focused on building infrastructure for startups and businesses opening or relocating offices into the city. It is also ensuring that its workforce continues to have excellent and reliable transport and mobility. That is why Manchester’s geographic location is not only influential in its growth as an economic powerhouse in the Midlands, but also in how its people travel to and from the city. 

Manchester Transport Links

The Distribution Hub In The Midlands And To The North

Manchester is the premier distribution hub for global companies. Adidas, Kellogg's, L'Oreal, Procter and Gamble, Kuehne & Nagel and Wincanton, to name a few, all operate their distribution and logistics centre in Manchester. 

Transport Link Centre For Professionals, Tourists, And City Visitors

Manchester’s central location means that nearby cities and major population centres are within an easy rail ride or a short drive away. For workers, more than 50% of the major UK companies are within a 2-hour drive (or a shorter rail travel time). Nearby Leeds and Liverpool take less than an hour to drive to, while Sheffield would be an hour and change. Other population centres like Blackpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, and York to the North are less than a 2-hour drive. If you’re visiting from London, be ready for a four-drive or a quicker travel via high-speed trains. International travel is also supported by direct flights to New York City, Frankfurt, Geneva and Singapore, as multiple flights to and from the London Heathrow Airport.

Land, Water and Air Transport Make Manchester The Centre of Trade in Midlands

Manchester Airport is the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom after Heathrow and Gatwick and provides services for both passengers and cargo. While the Covid-19 severely impacted operations in 2020, passenger travel has recovered, albeit below pre-Covid levels. Cargo distribution was also affected, but shipments have already increased, with operations expected to improve even more in the next 12 months.  

Manchester’s extensive network of canal systems is also crucial to trade. Its main system, the Manchester Ship Canal, continues to serve as the logistics quarter and provides jobs to thousands of workers in the local distribution industry. Port Salford, an inland freight terminal, is also a key location for international logistics and distribution for the region.

Land transport is crucial in delivering goods and services into the city, the surrounding areas, and to the north. For this, Trafford Park serves as the centre point for land transport. It is the home of the Trafford Park EuroTerminal, a rail freight terminal and a large container depot. Deliberations are currently being discussed for future infrastructure enhancements and for regeneration developments in the area. 

Manchester Air Transport: the International Gateway to the North  

Manchester is considered the trade gateway to the North. The city’s central location in the Midlands makes it the literal crossroads for logistics and distribution into the country, and in particular, to the North. Manchester Airport hosts the World Freight Terminal, the fifth busiest in the UK behind Heathrow, East Midlands Airport, Gatwick and Stansted. This is the nexus of international air cargo transport and serves Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Lufthansa, FedEx Express, and soon, DHL. 

Why City Council Investments in Air Transport Are Important in Regeneration

Manchester is the home to Manchester Airport — the third busiest airport in the UK, after Heathrow and Gatwick. 

Through Manchester Airport Holdings Limited, the city council, along with the Greater Manchester local authorities, own three of the UK’s busiest airports: East Midlands Airport, London Stansted Airport, and the Manchester Airport. Investment-wise, Manchester’s city council and the councils of the surrounding boroughs who share ownership have been able to pour the income back into the city centre for regeneration developments. This allows both Manchester and Greater Manchester to attract more investments and firms and businesses looking to open or relocate there. 

Manchester Transport Links

Mobility is Vital to Manchester’s Growth and Workforce 

Manchester’s location is one of the secrets to its economic capability and success. It is in the centre of the country and serves as a crossroads for rail and road transport links. This has made the city attractive to massive investments and new businesses, which, in turn, have created new job opportunities that attract people to the city. 

Manchester’s economic growth continues, and so does its workforce's need for mobility. Fortunately, Manchester is served by many rail and roads that link to London and other cities in the South. In the city centre, Manchester has many intercity rail links and bus networks, allowing its workforce to travel to work. 

Workforce Make Manchester Off Plan Property Investments Vital to Housing

Workforce mobility and housing demand have made residential development vital to Manchester’s growth. Regeneration developments in the city centre and Greater Manchester offer city workers much better travel time between home and work. 

These developments include Manchester off plan property investments. These, combined with schools, shops and leisure facilities close by, provide good solid fundamentals for property investment, making Manchester attractive to investors like you. 

Picking the Right Area in Manchester For Your Off Plan Property Investments In 2022

Whether your goal is building future wealth, planning for retirement, or making a quick ROI turnaround, off plan property investments in Manchester are worthy of consideration. 

As the second-most populated urban area after London, Manchester’s city centre is focused not only on developing infrastructure for business, commercial and office buildings. It is also undertaking regeneration developments to build facilities for shops, restaurants, and residential properties. Property investment experts are optimistic about the strong capital and yield growth for off plan property investments in Manchester, particularly for areas close to its business and economic centres. 

Available Off Plan Property Investments In Manchester and Greater Manchester

There are many options available if you’re looking for Manchester off plan property investments. And you can even expand your search in areas like Castlefield and Salford. Chat with our team today to learn more about off plan and new build properties in these areas and how good solid fundamentals can help give you the confidence and certainty to invest in off plan property investments in Manchester.

Brett Alegre-wood
May 12, 2022

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