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Bradford Property Investment

Is Bradford the next stop for high-speed property investment?

The new Northern Powerhouse destination for businesses and commuters

Mention Bradford to most people in the UK, and it will be recognised as the home of Britain’s favourite food – the curry. The Strategic Transport Plan for the Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR), put forward in February 2018, could make the city the best-connected city in the North of England. Forget hot curries (well, not entirely – Bradford curries are delicious), Bradford could soon be a property hotspot. Read More
Bradford Property Investment

Bradford Property Investment Guide

A growing city with a strong economy

The population of the region is currently around 5.3 million and has risen at about 4.9% over the past ten years. Bradford’s economy is worth around £8.3 billion, making it a major powerhouse in the region, It is forecast to grow to more than £9 billion by 2016, contributing around 8.4% of the region’s output and making the district the third largest (after Leeds and Sheffield) in Yorkshire & Humberside. Bradford has a buoyant property market, with the cost of residential property in the area has risen just under 3.3% in the last year. Read More