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Off Plan Property Investment

Off-plan property warning – seven caution signs to heed

What could turn your off-plan investment upside down?

Off-plan property investment can be very lucrative. You could bank very quick profits in a rising market, and benefit from higher demand from renters, which increases buy-to-let rental income. Your maintenance and repair bills are likely to be lower than for existing property, too. But the road to wealth through off-plan property investment is not without its potholes, cracks, and other obstacles that could derail your strategy. Read More
Off Plan Property Investment

What are the best tips to profit from off-plan property investment?

How do savvy investors maximise their off-plan profits?

When you invest in off-plan property, you are buying an asset that hasn’t yet been built. All you have to go on when making your decision is the plans that the developer gives you. Of course, depending on the stage of development, construction may have begun; but there could still be some time before completion. Read More
Off Plan Property Investment

Commuter towns – the hotspots for off-plan property investors

Where the savvy property investor is putting their money

Off-plan property investment has produced stunning returns for investors in London property. However, nervousness about Brexit and question marks over affordability have tarnished prime central London property values over the last 12 months. Elsewhere, property values have exploded in pro-Brexit Britain. Read More
How to make the best off-plan property investment

How to make the best off-plan property investment

5 simple steps to guarantee profitable off-plan investment

Off-plan property investment could be your ticket to an early retirement. An off-plan property could be the best investment for property investors with the benefits it offers. For example, when you buy early off-plan, you:
  • Lock in a discount to market value
  • Get the best property choice (the earlier you buy, the better the choice)
  • Take advantage of the time benefit of staged payments
  • Get the fixtures and fittings that you want
  • Benefit from a new property that rents and sells faster Read More
How to get the biggest discount on the best off-plan property

How to get the biggest discount on the best off-plan property

Negotiating the best off-plan investment

As a property investor, you’ll learn to love numbers. After all, you don’t invest without wanting to make a profit. Once you’ve bought a buy-to-let property, you’ll be concerned with maintenance costs, investment property management fees, the mortgage interest payments, and, of course, maximising your profit from rental income. Investing in the best off-plan property for sale is likely to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum. You should benefit from high demand from prospective tenants – people love to live in new, modern homes. Higher demand will help you achieve optimum rental value. The key to maximising your profit from off-plan property investment could be the size of the discount you get from the developer. In this article, we’ll discuss how to maximise off-plan property discounts from the developer. Read More

How to make money when buying off-plan property investments

Reducing the risks of off-plan investments

Buying off-plan property investments is an investment strategy that many investors use to maximise their profits. Buying off-plan, you’ll usually get to lock in a decent discount from today’s value. That should give you a safety net against a fall in market prices, and in a stable or good market you’ll have built-in capital growth. However, just like all property investments, buying off-plan doesn’t come without risk. In this post, I’ll look at the risks of buying off-plan and provide you with the strategies to minimise those risks. Read More