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The cost of hiring the wrong professionals and getting bad advice

Do due diligence on your property partners Buy-to-let residential investment property had never figured in Zelda’s plans until she realised how her cash savings were no longer performing. After taking into account rising prices, the cash in her account was losing its value. This article tells how hiring the wrong property professionals cost Zelda a […]

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Investment News – How will Brexit impact property investments?

Investment News – The referendum to decide whether Britain should remain a member of the EU is only the third referendum to ever include the whole of the UK. No one could possibly have missed the ardent campaigning that’s taken place on both sides of the argument. As it stands, it’s anyone’s guess how it will […]

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Property experts – embarassing predictions, UK experts who got it wrong

Property experts – apologies to anyone working at the firms I’m highlighting, but you bring it on yourselves. The companies below are considered some of the most reliable property experts in the UK. Making expert predictions is a fool’s game. It’s not that the hundreds of people employed at these firms are fools, it ’s just that they don’t get to make predictions. […]

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Property Experts – Why we follow when we shouldn’t

Humans are conditioned to blindly follow They know more than us, so they must be right. Right? There no property expert myth? In his book Wrong: Why Experts Keep Failing Us, David Freedman calls this the ‘Wizard of Oz effect’. We’re taught from cradle to grave to respect the opinions of others (which I’m not suggesting is wrong) and that […]

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Property Experts – 6 Lessons on expert house price predictions

Expert predictions that were cataclysmically wrong Hands up if you remember the nightmare of the Y2K, Millenium bug. Let me refresh your memory… As the new millennium approached, computer geeks around the world warned that a huge problem existed. They told us that the change from 1999 to 2000 would cause the computerised world to fall […]

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