Great UK Property is Not What You Have Been Told

Brett Alegre-wood
March 7, 2022

How to Establish a Great UK Property?

We need to focus to come off location, cash flow and capital and go back on to good solid education.

Video Transcription

Great UK property is not what you've been told. If you go out anywhere, real estate 101, again, is all about location, location, location. Yeah, what does that mean? For the most part, it means buying in the best, most expensive area. Yeah, now, the problem is the industry has created this into, you know, it's almost like a chart, you know, a mantra that you just hear, you know, people go on mindlessly with.

The reality is location, location, location is crap. Yeah, and it's brother, which is cash flow and capital, you know, hold this is so good capital or yield, sorry, cash flow yield, you know, and this is capital growth, you know, potential there the two things that dynamics that we play with, and they are, yeah, but they're a lot of the time they're mis-sold, you know, given the full information about a cash flow, what the costs will be, you don't really get a picture.

I mean, we do things like the two year cash flow, which shows you everything you likely spent the first two years, and that gives you a much better idea. It's not a one page, it's like an eight pager, you know, with multiple pages on each, you know, so the rail or to worksheet, I should say, eight tabs, alright. Bottom line is, actually we need the focus to come off location, location, location, and cash flow and capital and go back on to good solid education. 

Yeah, that's based in proven fundamentals, and strategy, and adapting a strategy that meets the market. Okay, this is stuff that you should be doing before you invest. So if you're just getting into it, this is where you need to be. Now guys just an aside to remember, any questions you've got, you can send them to and we'll get on and answer them, you know, and straightaway, we'll come you know, we'll come back to you. I mean, that's really important too, because, you know, one of the things you're gonna learn about us is that we like to, we can start you off when it wherever you are on the track.

But we can answer you know, because we've been doing it so long, we've done so many transactions, we have so much experience, we'll pretty much answer all the questions you've got. Okay, irrespective of the strategy chosen, irrespective of any of that. And if we don't know it, which is normally unlikely, then we know people who are experts in that area. Okay, so education strategy that meets the market. Yeah. Then what you talk about is good, solid fundamentals.

So let me tell you about location, location, location, what they're actually saying is good, solid fundamentals, what are they shops, schools, transport, these major employers major investment, those five things are what you're going to use. And as I said, you know, get down and dirty in the detail. They are five things. And under that there's a whole heap of questions. Okay, as always, we have a checklist, it's a theoretical checklist that we go through.

And then the final thing that most people miss, okay, because let's face it, most people go the education, and then pay expansive amounts of education they shouldn't have. It's ridiculous how much people spend on education that they don't need to. Alright, strategy totally overlooked by most people. Why? Because, you know, the only strategy they're given is buy this property, because this is what we have. Yeah, that is not strategy.

That is deal hunting that is being pushed into a deal. Yeah, good solid fundamentals 100% must do that. And then a final one is delegation of your time, you are not going to be able to do this alone. And some people say, Oh, don't pay anyone else, you know, don't pay those. They're expensive sources, blah, blah, blah.

But the reality is, you are going to pay other people, whether that be a solicitor, a mortgage broker, whether it be an estate agent, whatever it is, there is going to have to be a team around you. So it's about getting that team and deciding whether you're going to do all the work yourself, or you're going to do as least as possible of the work yourself. And that will be a function of how much time you got.

How much opportunity cost? Yeah, you can afford to lose something else, because let's face it, your day is already full. It's not like you're sitting around twiddling your thumbs going. I've got an extra eight hours I commit to this per day.

Yeah, I've never met a person who has, yeah, because let's face it, anyone who's watching this video is going to be a busy person, you know, and they're already probably successful, and therefore there's going to be an opportunity cost for this decision. So what is that time and how you're going to delegate it? Okay, so this is really key.

You know, when you start getting into this sort of stuff, you realize that when you address this upfront, it doesn't create friction going forwards. Okay? And that's really what we want to do.

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