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Property Rant 004 – You can get around the UK tax changes

Tax Changes got you worried? Ignore the doomsayers and get some professional advice, the simple strategies are already available to you. You just need to bring on a new advisor... Who? Watch the video and find out. Read More

UK Property Tax: 8 Tax Mistakes to Avoid

Discussing property taxes would not be complete without including the topic of common mistakes that property investors make when it comes to taxes.

If you’re on top of these, then you’ll be well on the way to ensuring you don’t fall foul of the taxman and also keeping your tax liability to a minimum.

1.     No planning at all

It continually surprises me how many people complain about the taxes they pay and yet then invest without any strategy to minimise taxes. There are taxes that are simply unavoidable, of course, but the informed investor is a better investor. Improve your tax planning on all your investments by committing to learn about the taxes you have to pay and the allowances and deductions that apply to you. Treat your property investment as a business, and understand your tax position. It may very well be the domain of your accountant to ensure that your tax liability is as low as possible, but never shirk the responsibility that is yours – after all, it is your money. Read More

4 strategies to reduce the effects of UK Property Tax Changes

Understanding what you need to do to protect your investment income.

The Nationwide Building Society has calculated that a property investor who pays higher rate tax, with a £150,000 buy-to-let mortgage and monthly rental income of £800 would have a net profit of £2,160 prior to the tax change. By 2020, this net profit would fall to just £960. There are a number of strategies that can be employed to reduce the effects of this major tax change. Of course, you should always ensure that you: Read More