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Investors in Wembley property will be part of something huge

The fundamentals are in place for sustainable rental demand and price growth

Urban regeneration has been proven time and again to boost property prices, and when that regeneration conspires with strong existing fundamentals the upward pressure on values is explosive. For investors in Wembley property, the future price growth (which has already outperformed similar areas) promises to be dynamite. Read More
Wembley Property Investment

Wembley Property Investment Guide

Vast urban regeneration has created a whole new Wembley

Wembley is a name that is synonymous worldwide with historic sporting events and epic gigs from the biggest names in music. Wembley Stadium is legendary, but the surrounding town has become just as exciting to those looking for the next big investment opportunity.
Wembley has been identified by the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, as a major “Opportunity Area” and with so much happening in the area, it’s easy to see why. £3.8bn of investment is turning Wembley into a vibrant centre for shopping and business and creating hundreds of homes. Read More