The latest in high-rise construction methods – Property Rant 014

Brett Alegre-Wood
January 27, 2017

Modern day construction now means that much of the construction is completed offsite, meaning is quicker, cheaper and in many cases a better quality.

I was walking to work past Wembley Park, Alto Building, which has been build using pods, built offsite, and shipped onsite to be craned into position.

Video Transcription :

Hi Guys, and welcome to Property Rant on this cold morning in London.

I'm out at Wembley. And what I'll do, what I thought...what I thought, what I'd do is I'd introduce you to how we construct buildings now. And the amazing things that are happening in terms of efficiency and eco and all that sort of stuff, and just how much easier it is to build these days than it is. You know, we've got about two minutes to do that.

But what I thought I'd do, is I'll just take you through to Alto, which is the one that's completing, it's about five or six months off completion. And yet if you look at it, you're probably going to see it doesn't look like it's five or six months off completion. It looks like the scaffoldings still up. There's lots of stuff to be done. But the reality is how they build these things now, is they put up a central core. And I'll show you that in a minute.

And that central core from that, they build around it. And actually ship most of the stuff in already pre-fab. So, I'll just get this in the background. And yeah, you'll see in the background how there's the elevator up, there's scaffolding all around. And the interesting thing is with this, they actually ship most of say, the bathrooms, and things like that from off-site to on-site. That allows it to rather than building it on-site and building it up, you know, stage by stage by stage, they can literally just crane the thing up.

So you see these massive cranes around, that literally, and that's one in there, that literally, lift up and put the thing in in it's place. And then what they do, is they basically, they do the whole floor. They seal that off and move to the next floor.

And it's actually a really quick and easy way. So you'll see buildings going up really, really quickly. And what you'll find with these, is that it actually, they'll start off with the central core, and that's how a lot of tall buildings are being done now. And then they build around that. Whereas before, it would be built up floor by floor by floor. But, you know, you will see. And you know, what that means is that this stuff can be done off-site. It can be...because every floor looks the same, it basically means that you can actually, pretty much, design it and build it off-site.

You don't have to have really skilled trades on-site now. You do have skilled trades, there are still trades now doing that. But a lot of it is a lot cheaper to build it off-site and ship it on. And that saves a lot of money. And what means, it doesn't cost as much per square foot to build.

So I'll just show you this central core that I'm talking about. So, that's the central core there, right in the center there. And effectively what that is, is that is the thing that goes up. So, they're building that, literally, floor by floor. And then what you'll see is once that's done, it will go up around that.

So, that's just an insight into how they start building, and how they build buildings these days. Not houses, but apartments. And you know it's all happening in Wembley. You can see lots of cranes in the sky. You can tell the success of a city or a town, by the cranes in the sky, as Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the old Premier of Queensland used to say in Australia.

So guys, have a great day. Live with passion.


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