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Questions first-time property investors must ask

Tips to ensure your property investment is a success

Last week, a new property investor called us in a pretty anxious state. He was about to buy his first rental property but was getting cold feet. It is a natural fear: whenever you do something for the first time, you step into the unknown. It doesn’t matter that millions of others have done the selfsame thing before you (in this case, invest in buy-to-let property) – it’s your first time, and that’s frightening. We all overcome such fears on an almost daily basis: a first date; the first time we drive; the first day in a new job, the list is endless. Read More
Buy To Let Property

Why it pays to make time to become a buy-to-let property investor

Time is a precious commodity – use it wisely

Modern life is a non-stop rush hour. With the pressure of family, rising bills, and a job that seems to demand more from you every day, you have precious little time to spend on planning and investing in your future. Not doing so could have dire consequences. You could reach retirement age and find that you don’t have the income to do those things you’d promised yourself.  Or, to do so, you have to continue working. We all know plenty of people who have retired poorer than they thought they would. With UK state pensions depreciating in value every year, you wouldn’t be surprised to find them abolished altogether by the time you and I are due to retire. In fact, since 1980, the state pension has collapsed from 26% of average earnings to less than 18%. In this post, you’ll meet Mark and John. Their stories demonstrate how important it is to make the time to invest now so that you have the money to do what you want tomorrow. Read More