Two Steps to overcoming a Property Salespersons Fear Close! | Property Rant 006

Everyone does it, the whole industry is built around scarcity and fear of losing that one special deal.. What absolute BS! The best deal in property comes along every day...

Here are the two steps to make sure you can defend against this common industry practice.

Video Transcription

Property Search... Think Gladfish. I'm Brett Alegre-Wood, and this is Property Rant.

So, guys, today what I want to talk about was how salespeople and how companies sell property, and what they do is they use scarcity. And they try and use what's called the fear close on you, and the fear close is simply this, that this is the best, and it is the best opportunity that has ever come up, and the best opportunity to ever come up. And you know what? It's absolute bullshit?

The reality is the opportunities that come along, they come along every day. And I say this, the best deal in property comes along every day. You know, there will be another one tomorrow just as good if not better.

The reality is when you're ready, you know, and everything ticks the box, make the decision, because if you sit around and wait for the next best deal then you're continually going to be procrastinating. You're never going to get on a ladder and actually perform.

The key is once you get your mindset right, once you get your criteria right, once you really feel comfortable, and look, you'll never feel comfortable when you're investing, you know, in your first property or your first few properties. You'd often say that at, you know, that zero to five properties that where you learn all the hard things. It's not hard to learn property. 95% of what you learn, you will learn through books.

You know, you can learn, but do you really learn it through a book? No. You learn it through the academic side of actually learning it, reading about it, going along to seminars, reading books, listening to property mentors, and all these sort of things, but the real thing is actually you doing it. And that's how you're really going to get it.

So they will try and sell you scarcity. It's absolute rubbish. You know, the best deal in property will come along every day. You know know it, learn it, and use it. So when they say, "Hey there's never been a deal like this," just know that they're just trying to sell you, okay? They're trying to earn a commission.

They're trying to make money for their family, put food on their table, all that sort of stuff. That's part of the game, yeah? So understand the game. Be ready for it, and, you know, you can use it to your advantage. Okay guys, have a great day.

Live with passion. 

Brett Alegre-Wood
January 10, 2017

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