Overvaluing – How We Overcome the most insidious con in our industry!

Yep, I said it.

Our industry cons hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting sellers and landlords every year into signing with them based on prices that are out of this world.

They know full well the market is not as high as they make it out to be, but consumers demand unrealistic figures. So it continues…

Well, not here... We are far from a normal agent who overvalues in order to gain your business and then manages your expectations down. We call this strategy ‘Sell Up, Manage Down’.

So what do we do to overcome this?

Gladfish Approach to Valuing Your Property

We have sold over £1.3 billion of property, so we understand the market and how to sell. We have a dedicated team of salespeople in London with a database of over 50,000 focused on investor sales, as well as using local agents to find homeowners and investors.

Wherever your property is, our online and offline coordinated marketing strategy will get it sold for the right price, all the while you’ll continue to get your rental income. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to check out what your property will sell for.

Live with passion,


Download & Read UK Property Investors Guide

2023 Updated Edition

UK Property Buyers Guide

The UK Property Investors Guide has everything you need. The compilation of questions asked by investors put into a one sitting read for anyone who is new to the UK property investment market. 

  • Researching property
  • Negotiating Discounts
  • Structuring your investment
  • Taxes Payable
  • Mortgages simplified
  • Regeneration
  • Off plan & New Build property
  • Remortgaging & Reselling

All is an effortless, set and forget approach that is simple for any investor no matter how much time you have or what country you are buying from.

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