Women Rule Half of UK Landlords – And Their Income is Growing Twice As Much As Men’s

More and more women are now becoming landlords than ever before,  now making up 48% of the 2.6 million buy-to-let landlords in the UK, as their interest in property continues to surpass other investments like stocks, shares and cryptocurrency. This is according to analysis by London estate agent, Ludlow Thompson.

While male landlords in the UK have grown by 10% to 1.38 million between 2014 to 2019 tax years, HMRC data proves that the number of female landlords swelled by 17% to 1.25 million in the same time frame. This is the occurrence that took place despite the spike in property prices and taxes making the buy-to-let investment harder to guarantee than in the past.

The income that women earned from their buy-to-let has increased almost twice as fast as men's in the last 5 years. Women's buy-to-let income has grown by 27% in half a decade, rising from £12.7billion to £16.1billion. This figure totally surpasses the men’s income since the total income for male landlords grew by just 15% during that same period. 

According to Ludlow Thompson, the data proves that buy-to-let is establishing itself to be a more popular investment amongst female investors compared to other assets

For example, women take up only 44% of investors in stocks and shares based on the latest HMRC figures. They also represent just 15% of Bitcoin traders, according to the latest figures from eToro.

Stephen Ludlow, chairman of Ludlow Thompson said, “'The buy-to-let market has built a reputation of delivering long-term, stable returns to investors looking for income and long-term growth.”

'With the gender gap in buy-to-let ownership narrowing, it might not be long until we see a 50:50 gender split amongst buy-to-let investors. This is a significant step considering the much wider ownership gap in other asset classes, such as equities and cryptocurrencies.”

Rob Dix, co-founder of property forum, Property Hub also added: “There's no reason property investment should appeal more to men, or be more easily accessible to them than women, so it's pleasing to see that the split is nearly 50:50.”

But he added that the increase in income among female buy-to-let investors could have been affected by more active tax planning among couples that invested in buy-to-let together.   

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Brett Alegre-wood
August 4, 2021

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