Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment: Cultural Assets Drive Economic Growth with Abundance of Employment and Jobs

Being the birthplace of actor Robbie Williams and  ‘father of the modern circus’ Philip Astley, and home to one of the few 'theatres-in-the-round", where the New Vic. Alan Ayckbourn,  began his career; the relatively small town of Newcastle-under-Lyme takes deep pride in their cultural backdrop and creative economy. This Cultural Assets and creative scene are key elements in driving Newcastle’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, with their creative industries accounting for 1 in 11 UK jobs and 1 in every 8 UK businesses (94% of which are micro businesses). Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment Employment and Jobs scene is one of its key selling point for being a top-tier hotspot in property investments today.

The proportion employed in the performing arts in Newcastle-under-Lyme is double the average across Great Britain.

NewCastle-Under-Lyme’s Cultural Assets are part of an integral regeneration strategy that rejuvenate the area and lead to positive economic outcomes at a local level. This rapid and competitive economic growth and abundance of jobs and employment opportunities, make NewCastle-Under-Lyme a hotspot for property investors looking for places where people can earn a living in a convenient environment.

In this article, we will walk you through the other important reasons why NewCastle-Under-Lyme is a hotpot for property investment in the scene of employment and job opportunities.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment Employment and Jobs: A thriving cultural commercial hub boosting economic growth

The New Vic Theatre, as one of the country’s most successful independent producing theatres with an award-winning community and education programme, provides a strong foundation upon which to cement Newcastle’s reputation in the job and employment space as it attracts both local and international visitors. 

The town of Newcastle-under-Lyme, consists of the Borough’s main retail market and its key economic centre. It has strengths in the financial and business services sector, including employers such as Knights PLC and RBS. Newcastle and Stafford College, Aspire Housing and the Royal Stoke Hospital are also major employers in the town.

With Keele University, the country’s largest campus university by area, included in the Town Deal; this recognises its key role as the area’s research-led university and its £0.2bn positive impact on the local economy through attracting students and promoting research, innovation and enterprise, with assets including the Keele Growth Corridor University Enterprise Zone and the Keele Science and Innovation Park2. All of these sparks attraction for more job and employment opportunities in the area.

Developments in the area like Marsh Box, makes Newcastle-under-Lyme and even more attractive choice for smart investors.

Marsh Box is a stunning new development of 27 one & two-bed apartments that have been designed to suit the lifestyle and needs of students, young professionals and investors alike. Located just a 10-minute walk from Newcastle-under-Lyme town centres, the development provides an excellent fusion of style and convenience.

Major New Developments in Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment Employment and Jobs

A vibrant culturally-acclaimed area, NewCastle-Under-Lyme is a place dotted with public workspaces, leisure venue and waterside restaurants and bars. It is accessible to train stations and just on the doorstep of Staffordshire University, the Trent and Mersey Canal and the A500. The location is perfect to attract employees and businesses.

Over the years NewCastle-Under-Lyme has undergone major regeneration and improvement and as we are seeing, investment to the area is set to continue which is making the city more appealing and a hot spot for property investment opportunities.

With the arrival of the HS2 at Curzon Station in 2026, which is just a stone throw away from the area, NewCastle-Under-Lyme will be a bustling hub for more employment and job opportunities. 

NewCastle-Under-Lyme: Home Office’s “Second Home”

North MP Jonathan Gullis is calling on the Home Office to relocate jobs to NewCastle-Under-Lyme  and make the city its second home. Scoping is already underway to find the department a second site.

The Government has confirmed that they are looking for long term plans and will be sharing their proposals for new locations in due course. Other departments have already announced plans to set up new branches outside of London as part of the Places for Growth initiative.

The site in mind is The Potteries as it will be one of the first places to have a full fibre gigabit broadband network. If NewCastle-Under-Lyme is selected it will bring well paid jobs, employment opportunities and investment to the area. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this space!

NewCastle-Under-Lyme is named one of the top 15 places to start a business

A recent survey showed that 39.3% of start up businesses in NewCastle-Under-Lyme survive longer than 5 years, this compares to 37.5% in Manchester and 38% in Liverpool.

Perhaps one of the reasons for success is that the survey also highlighted that NewCastle-Under-Lyme ceramic heritage and canal network has contributed to a boost in tourism in the city - making it desirable for new entrepreneurs.

We have already touched on investment of new workspaces being developed in the city, but another attraction for start-ups is the Innovation Enterprise Zone run by Staffordshire University. The University has secured £11 million funding for businesses over the past 3 years and has made significant investments in order to provide access to leading-edge facilities, expertise and the adoption of higher skills for businesses that are making a difference by growing through innovation. 

Aside from all of the exciting developments and investments taking place that make the city an ideal place to start a business, there is a real buzz around Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment Employment and Jobs arena. There is a thriving sense of community and networking events take place regularly that provide valuable support for new business start ups.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment Employment and Jobs: Excellent Transport Links for workers and employees to conveniently travel to and from work

One of the most exciting transport updates for NewCastle-Under-Lyme is the connection to the High Speed Two (HS2). The high speed railway is already supporting over 15,000 jobs and securing investment for The Potteries - several years before the line even opens, which is scheduled for the end of the decade.

Construction has started on the first section of HS2, which connects London and the West Midlands, and includes a new junction for direct services to Stoke. Over 100 businesses are working on the project based in Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Just a stone throw distance away, the commercial hub for Staffordshire and Cheshire will be even more attractive by the arrival of HS2. It will create at least 120,000 new jobs and build 100,000 new homes by 2040, which will translate to an annual growth of £6.4 billion for the region’s economy.

Newcastle-under Lyme: Home to the biggest employers in the UK

NewCastle-Under-Lyme is home to some of the biggest employers in the UK. The Royal Stoke University Hospital  near the border of NewCastle-Under-Lyme, example is the city’s biggest employer with over 6000 staff.   You could add bet, Michelin, and Wedgwood. 

We have seen that new developments are creating more workspace for new businesses, new transport links have created new jobs and are also making it easier for people to commute to NewCastle-Under-Lyme.

All of the above reasons means that NewCastle-Under-Lyme is fast becoming one of the most popular locations to work. All of the investment being driven into the city just goes to show that investors are seeing big opportunities ahead.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment Employment and Jobs: Why landlords should invest now?

We hope that having read through these reasons you can see why property investment in Newcastle-under-Lyme should not be overlooked. Now is the perfect time for landlords to explore buy to let opportunities before prices rocket as the developments near completion. 

We are already seeing the demand for rental properties rising which is why we urge you to act now to take advantage of the current climate and not to miss out.

Read more about our Newcastle-under-Lyme Property Investment Hotspot series below or if you’re interested in running through our Newcastle-under-Lyme new build developments chat with the Gladfish team on 02079236100 or book a time.

Brett Alegre-wood
August 5, 2021

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