Can I speak to existing clients?

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 12, 2020

Video Transcription:

Can we speak to any of your existing clients?

Absolutely look the best thing to do is chat to the team and what they will do is they can put you in touch with you know some of their clients you know we've got over 3,000 clients and if you go to you can actually see a heap of the reviews that they've got you can go onto google reviews you can go onto all agents if you go onto that reviews page you'll see there are those links there to the reviews but there’s heaps

So but also speak to the team and you can certainly chat to our the clients and in fact, there's a good few video interviews, one of the things I'm committed to this year is actually getting some video interviews of our landlords, our investors who have done very well 

If you've got any questions whatsoever jump on my youtube channel Facebook and just message me and I'm happy to answer them either in video or text or whatever and look guys be sure to subscribe to my channel be sure to comment and I look forward to seeing you.

If you want to come along to one of the webinars jump on our website and we're more than happy to chat through and the guys can take it through getting your own plan and your own strategy because let's face it it's all good watching YouTube videos it's all good watching Facebook videos it's all good being on LinkedIn it's all good to be on the social media and learning all that stuff but until you sit down and get down and dirty with your detail and how it affects you personally and the opportunities that you have to make a difference in your life and your family's life you know really none of it means all this education does not mean anything until you take your first step so get and meet with the team you know if you do and go there book a meeting with the team sit down with them get all your questions answered.

It's not a sales pitch this is where we get your plan and we get your strategy together and we actually work out what it is you want to achieve where you're starting out and then we work out how we can help you get there and you know what if we can't help you get there in that's fine if you're gonna choose a strategy that we don't get involved with fine you know what there's so much free education there that you can learn the fundamentals from you know I'm happy to give that away it's all free it’s there you know I've been doing this for years you know giving my education my free you don't need to go and spend 10 grand 30 grand whatever it is in you know two and a half three grand for a weekend you know to learn this stuff it's there it's available and it's you know if you're talking about my stuff it's very simple.

okay so guys any questions come back to me otherwise have a great day live with passion and look for the chat again real soon friends they become acquaintances they, you know and we get to know quite well .


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