Where are we in the Property Cycle Q1 2020

Video Transcription:

What is the current stage of the cycle?

All right so look I use I have my property trend cycle and where we are right now and I've got some concerns about this and I've been very vocal about where I think things are going I think you know come May June next year 2021 I think we will hit a recession because I think Donald Trump will get back in because it will do lie cheat steal whatever he needs to do to get back in and I think what's gonna happen as soon as he's back in he is not he doesn't care about anyone yeah at that stage, he loses interest and once he loses interest the wheels are gonna start to come off because of all the decisions he has made you know to get where it's getting reelected the wheels are just going to come off there and that will nosedive the worldwide economy.

I think the UK is in a good situation because we're being so subdued from Brexit the likelihood is that will keep us from a massive dip yeah doesn't mean we still won't dip and that's why I'm 

saying if you're gonna buy stuff buy with really good fundamentals because that's the stuff that's likely to come back yeah whereas and that's why I'm saying don't buy in the suburbs right now unless there's a reason for you to buy in those areas because what I'm finding is there's no investment that the young people are moving out and moving to the cities there's just nothing happening okay and that's my concern with that stuff all right but you can look at other videos 

and that for a lot more detail that side of it and I think there's a question later 

So where are we in the current cycle?

I think we're doing quite well now we've had a Boris bounce and all of a sudden with a political certainty so the market has rebound and the people that wanted to put their properties back on and put their properties back on and the markets working again which is great, okay but I still think that we will be heading into a recession eventually.

I don't think they can keep spending and spending and spending and spending their spending ain't queuing you know across the world to keep them you know the growth because it's just creating inequality okay and look if you want to know more about that go and look Bernie Sanders says in the US you know or a lot of people you know 

Jeremy Corbyn to a degree you know a lot of the things he was talking about are actually correct yeah as much as I don't agree with how he did it and I think he was probably his policies 

we’re not going to be fair across the board and now we're going to disadvantage the middle class you know whereas I think you know there are lots of opportunities so look I'm not gonna get into that political debate now because I really don't give a rat's ass about politics.

What I care about is helping you guys get ahead and get certainty and get being able to invest all right so yeah if you've got any questions whatsoever to jump on my youtube channel Facebook and just message me and I'm happy to answer them either in video or text or wherever and look guys be sure to subscribe to my channel be sure to comment and I look forward to seeing you if you want to come along to one of the webinars jump on our website www.gladfish.com and we're more than happy to chat through and the guys can take you through getting your own plan and your own strategy because let's face it it's all good watching youtube videos it's all good watching Facebook videos it's all good being on LinkedIn it's all 

good being on the social media and learning all that stuff but until you sit down and get down and dirty with your detail and how it affects you personally and the opportunities that you have to make a difference in your life and your family's life you know really none of it means all this 

education does not mean anything until you take your first step.

So get and meet with the team you know if you do book  www.gladfish.com/book-a-meeting with the team sit down with them, get all your questions answered yeah it's not a sales pitch this is where we get your plan and we get your strategy together and we actually work out what it is you want to achieve where you're starting out and then we work out how we can help you get there and you know what if we can't help you get him in that's fine if you're going to choose a strategy that we don't get involved with fine.

You know what there's so much free education there that you can learn the fundamentals from you know I'm happy to give that away it’s all free it’s there and I've been doing this for years you know giving my education my free you don't need to go and spend 10 grand 30 grand whatever it is in you know two and a half three grand for a weekend you know to learn this stuff it's there it's available and it's you know if you're talking about my stuff it's very simple okay so guys any questions come back to me otherwise have a great day live with passion and look forward to chatting with you really soon

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 9, 2020

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