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Property investment: your core strategy: German Property vs UK

Property Investment – In this video,Brett Alegre-Wood, Chairman of Gladfish, puts German property against UK property and discusses why they are totally different. He then goes on to explain his concept of having a “Core Strategy” in building your property portfolio. “Far too many people create a ‘Dinner Party Portfolio’ that’s good for the dinner table but […]

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Investment News – Good news for property market recovery as corporate profits return

Investment News – More and more corporations announcing profits is good news and one sure-fire indication that recovery is settling in. Obviously there are still many risks to overcome, but each new announcement of profits moves us ever closer towards the next boom. If you remember, when we hit the downturn in 2007, corporations immediately […]

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How 70 years can help your property investment beat the recession

Recession beating One of the first principles I was taught in property investment was: the longer the time horizon, the more predictable the investment. I have a property mentor in Australia, Barry. He’s your normal type of Aussie guy, walks round in stubbies and thongs (that’s Australian for work shorts and flip-flops). Barry is worth […]

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Property Investment Guide – Property strategy: your key to investment success

Strategies to open the doors to your portfolio . . . The strategy you choose for your property investment is hands down one of the most important aspects of your portfolio. It dictates the what, when and where and how of purchasing property. At Gladfish we have a unique tried and tested approach to building […]

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How many properties before your portfolio runs on its own?

How many properties does it take? A great question from one of my property investors: Hi Brett A little question was nagging me today Brett. In the current property investment circumstances, how many properties (or in cash terms if you prefer) do you consider as being the “tipping point” for a momentum to ensuring one […]

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For the record: Clarifying The 3+1 Plan book

Calrifying somthing, It’s an interesting experience releasing a book. It’s both gratifying and frustrating. Gratifying when people read it and get value from it; frustrating when people don’t read it, and instead make assumptions about what they presume is in it. (I’m talking primarily about journalists and industry commentators here.) Understand that I’m not blaming […]

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