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Ezytrac Landlord Update 29Jun20

Things are largely back to normal right now and man agents are talking about house prices increasing which is totally surreal… but alas… so is the financial markets and in my own circle more staff than ever are wanting to buy their own homes. Lettings are happening as normal and although many are saying 3-5% […]

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UK Property Investor

How Do I Calculate The Impact of Losing My Job Scenario

Losing your job is an emotional event but it doesn’t have to be, that’s why we use this simple tool to give you confidence before it happens. Making it one less thing to worry about. Use this simple calculator to work out the impact on your portfolio. At Gladfish we specialise in Set and Forget […]

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UK Property Management

Which Approach to Property Costs More DIY or DFY?

Video Transcription:How much money do you lose by using it done for you model versus do it yourself?  Okay so first of all and let me explain done for you, and do it yourself so done for you yeah it means that basically you’re going to and this is my key distinction here okay when […]

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Property Investment

Should you quit your job to start property investment?

Video Transcription: Let’s get into it so the first question is I recently saw a video on YouTube from another company encouraging you to quit your job and just start doing property even if you don’t have the money saved up do you guys think this is a good idea? I mean there’s a pretty easy […]

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UK Property Investment

Does my stuff work with DIY and Done for you

Video Transcription: Hey guys, so does my stuff work with landlords who want it done for you and also the do it yourself landlords and the answer is 100%. See, these principles that I talk about and everything that we talk about here in Property Rants is all about or all based in fundamental principles. They […]

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Property Investment

Property Gurus claim that Property is quick, easy and simple to make a million

Video Transcription: Property is quick, easy and simple to make a million. Absolutely 100% this is the thought of almost every property guru that sells education courses and sells how-to and all this sort of stuff. And to be fair, it’s absolute bull shit. And look, here are my thoughts on this. Look, guys, property gurus […]

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Property Investor

How this Barrister & Law Lecturer became a Retired Property Investor!

Video Transcription: Brett:Welcome to Property Rant. So today I’ve got the privilege of being here with Jim Kirby. So Jim’s been one of our clients since about 2005-Jim:Five or six.Brett:Five or six, yeah. And so that’s 14, 15 years, 16 years potentially. No, 15 years.Jim:Yeah, 15 years.Brett:15 years. So, the great thing about that is Jim’s […]

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Property Deal Hunters or Strategist

Property Deal Hunters or Strategist which is better

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So, which do you choose, deal hunters or strategists? Look, one of the interesting things that I find is I’ve always been about strategy. You get strategy up and running first, you’re really focusing on what you want. That strategy has to meet the market and it’s a very methodical process. It’s […]

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Selling UK Property

Never Never Sell

Video Transcription: Hey guys. I thought I’d put some detail around my, never, never, never sell motto and what I actually mean by that, because I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding in that when you say, never, never, never sell, people think that that’s actually what you mean, that you should never sell, you […]

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UK Property

Looking to Let or Sell your property

Video Transcription: So, guys, I think if you’re looking to let your property or sell your property, don’t just think that the agent that puts it on Rightmove and Zoopla… And in fact, some of them say they do over a hundred different platforms. I mean there’s lots of these platforms that are all around the […]

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