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Property Deal Hunters or Strategist

Property Deal Hunters or Strategist which is better

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So, which do you choose, deal hunters or strategists? Look, one of the interesting things that I find is I’ve always been about strategy. You get strategy up and running first, you’re really focusing on what you want. That strategy has to meet the market and it’s a very methodical process. It’s […]

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Selling UK Property

Never Never Sell

Video Transcription: Hey guys. I thought I’d put some detail around my, never, never, never sell motto and what I actually mean by that, because I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding in that when you say, never, never, never sell, people think that that’s actually what you mean, that you should never sell, you […]

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Property Investment

Looking to Let or Sell your property

Video Transcription: So, guys, I think if you’re looking to let your property or sell your property, don’t just think that the agent that puts it on Rightmove and Zoopla… And in fact, some of them say they do over a hundred different platforms. I mean there’s lots of these platforms that are all around the […]

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Off Plan Property

3 Considerations in Buying an Off Plan Property

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So I thought I’d just talk to you about the three biggest things or considerations in buying an off plan property. Because I think a lot of people they don’t understand off plan and they don’t really understand what the style of investment it is, and I think the problem is when […]

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Property Investment Strategy

Strategy of Buying Kids a Home

Video Transcription: Hey Guys, so I’m a parent four times over. So four kids, all young, between about nine years old down to three years old. Well actually turning four and turning nine. But the reality is that one of the strategies that I worked in before we hate kids, was that I bought one property […]

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Property Investment

Property DIY is DFY (Done for you)

Video Transcription: Hi, guys. So you’ve got two choices, really, on how you do property investment. I think the first one is do it yourself. And then the second one is done for you. Basically, what I’m the master of is done for you. And my whole business structure is about people who don’t have the […]

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Remortgaging to release equity and expand your property portfolio

How to remortgage like a pro and get your property working harder for you In our last article, we discussed ways to raise capital to invest in buy-to-let property. In that article, we were especially concerned with raising capital to fund the deposit. One strategy we noted was to remortgage your existing home. This strategy […]

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Rental Income

How to maximise your rental income

Tips to increase rents and keep your tenant on board In our last article, we discussed rental income and how to measure its real value against other assets. We also talked about the impact of leveraging, and how this boosts your real yield from buy-to-let rental income. In this article, we discuss how to maximise […]

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investing in property

How do you raise capital to invest in buy-to-let property?

Buy-to-let financing solutions explained You want to invest in property. You want to change your life, and take advantage of the long-term benefits of buy-to-let investment. The potential rental income and increase in value could help you retire earlier and wealthier. There’s only one hurdle you need to negotiate: raising the capital to invest. There […]

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10 best things to do for families in Southall

Indoor and outdoor activities for children of all ages in Southall If there is one thing that families need, it’s something to keep the kids amused. Parents in Southall never need to ask what to do with kids at the weekend. In and around Southall, there is plenty of family entertainment. You could visit a […]

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