Digbeth Travel and Transport: The centre of the UK universe with HS2 opening

Aside from Digbeth sitting just within walking distance of Birmingham New Street Station, a major travel point that opens up rail links to other parts of the UK, Digbeth will become the central hub of travel and transport as it is the site of the HS2 interchange at Curzon Street Station and a principal stop in the expansion of the Midlands Metro. Digbeth travel and transport scene will undoubtedly become the Centre of the UK Universe with HS2 opening in 2026.

HS2 is set to be completed in 2026 and this will deliver avant-garde travel linkages for Birmingham, especially when you take into account the second city’s affordability. HS2 will put London 49 minutes away while the Midlands Metro expansion will offer direct links to certain destinations in the West Midlands.

Digbeth travel and transport convenience and world-class amenities will become an even more attractive choice for London commuters enticed by the richness and vibrancy that Birmingham has to offer.

Digbeth Travel and Transport: A Key Feature

Whenever tenants are asked about the must-have features that are most likely to have them staggering away from a rental property, bad transport links often appear front and Centre. If your home can provide convenient and accessible transport links with state of the art amenities and services, you’ll find yourself one step ahead of the competition. And you have a ready-made selling point to entice prospective tenants with. Digbeth offers one of the most convenient and accessible transport links in Birmingham. 

Digbeth is a stone throw from Birmingham City Centre with plenty of transport connections and looking at more to come in the near future. Digbeth is located just a ten-minute walk from the Bullring. That’s 13-minutes to New Street and nine minutes to Moor Street Station. It is also five minutes from Birmingham Coach Station.

Digbeth Travel and Transport Plan

The most recent rehash of Birmingham is advancing at an exceptional rate.

Proceeded with public and worldwide trust in the eventual fate of the city implies that the degree of internal speculation is more noteworthy than at any other time. Digbeth travel and travel plan is being put to great use - conveying a huge number of new positions and new homes, making new metropolitan conditions fit for current life.

Our new Birmingham won't simply be home to more individuals, it will likewise be more clean, greener, better and all the more ecologically manageable. The previous summer (2019) the city chamber consistently casted a ballot to pronounce an environment crisis with a responsibility to accomplish carbon lack of bias by 2030.

Digbeth travel and transport plan considers the fact that over-reliance on private vehicles is terrible for the strength of ourselves and our families, terrible for our networks and awful for business as estimated by the  a huge number of pounds of lost usefulness brought about by blockage. At last, it is awful for the future on account of the critical harm brought about by vehicle emanations furthermore, their effect on environmental change. The more excursions we take by strolling and cycling, the more we will further develop air quality and our wellbeing and the more we  will decrease clog. For longer excursions, transports, cable cars and trains will be the spine of another, go-anyplace transport framework.

Great vehicle is the main fixing in guaranteeing that the advantages of Birmingham's development are felt in all aspects of the city. Transport is critical to opening up work and preparing openings, to giving admittance to all to fundamental administrations counting wellbeing and schooling and to supporting individual self-advancement and satisfaction. Along these lines, transport is significantly more than a methods for getting us to where we need to go every day, it very well may be an empowering agent groundbreaking changes. To open the capability of transport, we need to essentially change the way individuals and  merchandise move around the city

Here are some of the note-worthy public transportation links in Digbeth:

  1. Birmingham Coach Station

If you don't fancy catching the train, then you have the option of hopping on a coach. Birmingham Coach Station is just a five-minute walk from the City Centre and is easily accessible by car and public transport. The coaches are regularly on time and have gained a reputation over the years for their world-class amenities and services. While waiting for your coach, you can always grab a coffee at Starbucks and surrounding eateries and coffee shops or you can even go to WHS Smith to buy a newspaper/magazine or even some sweets.

Also, it is a lot cheaper to travel by coach than train. The staff here are friendly  and accommodating making it a reliable place for information about Digbeth travel and transport.

  1. Moor Street Station

The Moor Street Station is just a five-minute walk away from the Birmingham City Center and just a 6-minute walk away from the adjacent New Street Station. It serves local lines to Stratford upon Avon and Kidderminster but also has direct services to London Marylebone via the Chilterns route.  The Grade II listed station has now been restored to its original glory after undergoing a major renovation in the early 2000’s.

Passenger numbers at Moor Street are expected to grow from seven million to 12 million a year by 2043, with further increases expected as a result of the Midlands Rail Hub and the arrival of HS2 in 2026. The vision for Moor Street future-proofs the station to cope with its growing popularity of Digbeth travel and transport scene.

  1. New Street Station

The Birmingham New Street Station is just a minute walk away from the City Centre, and has been recently transformed into a major transport and shopping hub, stimulating economic growth and regeneration in Britain’s second city. 

It serves long-distance trains from London’s Euston Station to the north of the country, from south and south-west England to Scotland, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool.

It provides east-west services to and from East Anglia and Central Wales, and is a major hub for local and suburban services.

The existing station was designed and built during the 1960s to serve approximately 60,000 passengers a day. Today, it is visited by 170,000 passengers a day.

  1. Snow Hill Station:

Just a 25-minute walk from the City Centre, Birmingham Snow Hill Station serves local rail services to Solihull and Worcester and metro trams towards Wolverhampton. The current tram line runs to Bull Street in the City Centre with a further extension to Corporation Street and New Street station.

  1. 35 Bus Routes

The 35 bus in Digbeth has 52 stops departing from Ridgemount Drive, Hawkesley and ending in Moor St Selfridges, Digbeth (Ms1).

It  follows one of the most interesting bus routes in Birmingham. It avoids main roads and zig zags through a variety of suburbs, each with its own distinctive cultural flavour. These days, catch it behind Selfridges and sit on the left to get an early view of the impressive Digbeth Police Station, with its magnificent dream-like tower.

  1. Parking in Digbeth

If you drive in to Digbeth, you can park your car at any of these car parks:

Trinity Street Car Park, Heathmill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AL

North Yard Car Park, Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4AU

Gallan Parking Ltd, Bordesley Street, Birmingham B5 5BL

For cyclists, bike parking can be found in the centre of Custard Factory.

  1. Future of Transportation

The incoming HS2 station at Curzon Street in Digbeth will create high-speed rail links between Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and London. By its completion in 2026, it will be just a 49-minute journey between Digbeth and Central London.

The West Midlands Metro Birmingham Eastside tram expansion will link the new Curzon Street HS2 station to the city centre – with a stop on Digbeth High Street, just a few steps from the Custard Factory. These redevelopments will be key factors for making Digbeth travel and transport arena one of the best in Birmingham, and will contribute to making it an even more attractive area for smart investors. 

As a landlord, you'll want to make your rental homes as attractive as possible to prospective tenants, to be able to heighten your chances of occupying them with ease and receiving a steady flow of rental income. One way in which your home can be very attractive is proximity to good transport links, particularly for commuters who need to travel elsewhere for work.

Digbeth’s transportation links offer easy access to major cities – and the job opportunities, leisure activities, garden spaces and cultural, public events they offer – demand from tenants is high and will continue to grow in the coming years with the arrival of the HS2 and the Midlands expansion. 

Read more about our Digbeth Property Investment Hotspot series below or if you’re interested in running through our local digbeth new build developments chat with the team on 02079236100 or book a time.

Brett Alegre-Wood
July 14, 2021

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