Domestic Migration SHOCK- Will it affect you?

What is the impact going to be of domestic migration on property investment portfolio? Domestic Migration is people moving within a countries, effectively leaving their town or city and moving to another town or city) 

It's a trend that's already happening, and it's going to have a significant effect on certain property markets. People will start migrating from one city to another, making it crucial for investors to identify the cities that are growing and attracting foreign investment. Find out why investing in suburbs in the UK (or any country) may not be the best option anymore and how to secure long-term viability for your property investment.

What is Domestic Migration?

Video Transcription:
Hey, guys, so you're gonna hear a lot more about domestic migration. And they may not call it that. But that's basically what it is, what it means is people are migrating from one city to the next, or from the suburbs to the cities, or things like that.

So within the country, they're moving around. And I think what we're going to see is that as the population starts to crash in various developed countries, which is already happening, and which have sort of spoken about a lot, and so if you want to jump on the website, You'll see articles about it, and that's the thing, but effectively, that's what's going to happen and that's what's gonna continue to happen.

Now, how it's gonna play out is not, you're gonna see a massive number of drops, but what you'll see is, a lot of the developed countries will let people in through migration, that'll keep the population still, you know, growing a little bit, if you like, or staying where it is, for a while until those undeveloped countries develop, which is happening. And then we're really going to struggle because then where do you get the migrants from? Then it's a fight over who gets them, okay, which country attracts them. But then more importantly, for property investors, what city or what suburb?

What city or what suburb?

Now, to be fair, I think the suburbs are going to struggle unless they're around a major city. I think the major cities will do best out of them. I've been saying that for quite some time, but I think we're starting to see this now where the investment, the foreign investment going into Manchester, London, and say, Birmingham, is a lot more than anywhere else. Okay, we've talked about the northern powerhouse.

We've talked about, you know, all these sorts of schemes that are aimed at leveling up and things like that. But the reality is, for the most part, they're failing dismally, and they're not going to win. Because the general trend is people moving out of the suburbs and into the cities. And as they moved into the cities, the city fundamentals get better, and the investments go into the cities, everywhere else is decay. So that's what we're really going to look at.

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So if you're investing, you better invest in property in the cities that are growing, that have investment going into, and to be fair, other places, just aren't cutting it, you know, so you really want to be careful about putting your investment dollars there. Otherwise, you're just going to end up in a situation where you're relying solely on the yield, and that yield over time is gonna get less and less, because the local councils the population drops, is going to tax more deregulation, you know, so when you start having these things affect the long term viability of that investment is questioned. So yeah, so something to think about anyway. 

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Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 13, 2023

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