Why 1 Great Property Investment Idea Is All You Need

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 14, 2023

One Great Property Investment Idea You Need

Video Transcription:

So one great property investment idea is all you need to be successful in property. This is something I've talked about for a while. And it's a concept that we use, which is, unfortunately, when you start out in investing, you're gonna get hundreds of different options, hundreds of different opportunities, hundreds of ways of doing it every way is going to be the best way possible in every other way, you know, when you speak to somebody, doing something that they don't do is going to be the worst possible way.

So you're just gonna get bombarded with Bs and hype and all that sort of stuff. So what you've got to really work on is what is your one great property idea? Because that's all you need. And then once you know that property investment idea, once you've got that idea, and you work out what it is, then you've got to learn the rules of the game. 

Property Investment Idea Mistake

That means getting educated and getting experience on a property investment idea, it might mean, dry running properties, it might be going and visiting properties, it might be going and looking at cash flows, preparing cash flows, whatever it is that it takes for your specific strategy, you've got to go out and do that and do it well. Because the better you do that, the more you mitigate the risks down the track. And the mistake that most people make is they start off with one strategy, and then they try and do another one.

It's far better to pick one great property investment idea and stick to it. If you speak to anyone in business, the worst thing you can do is try and go too wide too quickly. You're far better to go deep. Making your money that way and sticking to the same thing become really good for it becomes known for that particular thing. Okay. So, stick to that guy's one great property idea. Focus on that, and learn the rules of the game. And then, of course, the final step is to apply that one great property investment idea. You got to make sure the application is what it's all about. 

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