The Future Of Southside Birmingham Shops and Leisure Is Bright With Regeneration

Southside Birmingham's shops and leisure centres benefited from the 2022 Commonwealth Games. However, there is still much work to be done to help its economy grow. And the district is doing this by improving economic conditions and regeneration.

Remember: it's only been a few months that the Southside has recovered from the pandemic.

Southside, Birmingham traditionally relies wholly on visitor traffic. With the lockdowns, many shops and leisure centres in the Chinese Quarter were forced to close down. The hugely popular night-time economy of the Gay Village was totally devastated.

Southside Birmingham Transport Links - Chinese Quarter

Sadly, some of Southside Birmingham's beloved shops, entertainment venues, and leisure centres like the Chic Nightclub on Horse Fair may never open their doors again.

But thanks to the city council’s regeneration plans, the Southside BID team’s efforts, and the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the Southside is ready to take the spotlight once more.

Southside Birmingham Shops and Leisure Do More Than Reopen Their Doors—They Are Making A Successful Comeback

Southside Birmingham is home to the Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village. It is famed for its top-class theatre, music, and live performances, and the varied venues that host these events. The district's many historic bars, nightclubs, shops, and leisure centres attract visitors from around the UK and the world.

Not only that, but Southside Birmingham is also close to the city centre's business and office districts. This proximity makes its residential property developments appealing to professionals and families working in the city centre. Southside Birmingham is close to the city's premier retail district, as well. It's a short enjoyable walk to the Bullring & Circus, The Arcadian, and to many shops and leisure centres, an easy prospect.

Southside Birmingham Shops and Leisure: The Perfect Spots For Shopping And Dining, And Entertainment

Southside Birmingham is the top venue for music and entertainment. Take in a show or two at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Is EDM more to your liking? Nightclubs like the Equator, Sidewalk, and The Village Inn aren't that far. Southside Birmingham's nightclub scene is fantastic and keeps visitors coming back for more.

If you love concerts and live performances, then head on to the O2 Academy. This internationally renowned venue hosts some of Birmingham’s best musical performances. The O2 regularly hosts concerts and shows from its homegrown talents as well as international superstars. 

Shopping And Dining In Southside Birmingham

But if shopping is more your speed, better head down to Hurst Street. There are plenty of shops and leisure centres in the district and along popular streets like Hurst Street. Smithfield Markets is another retail shopping paradise. And let's not forget: the Bullring and Grand Central shopping district in the city centre is just a five-minute walk away. Perfect if you're booked or living in Southside, Birmingham.

Hungry after all that shopping and looking for a place to dine and relax? Southside Birmingham's Chinese Quarter offers excellent food and more.

Chung Ying, Ken Ho, and Peach Garden are just a few that offer classic Cantonese and traditional mainland cuisines. Looking for other Asian cuisines? Try the Asia Asia Food Hall and Ming Moon. These offer Asian cuisines like Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean dishes. 

dining luxury

The Southside Business Improvement District: Spearheading The Southside’s Turnaround

Southside Birmingham faces the challenging task of rejuvenating its community and economy. The pandemic lockdowns revealed how vulnerable Southside Birmingham shops and leisure centres are. And the local community is hellbent on making sure that they won't be caught unawares again.

Luckily, it is spearheaded by the Southside Business Improvement District (or, Southside BID team), a not-for-profit team that works with the local community and businesses for the improvement of the district.

Established in 2011, this organisation is also known as the Southside BID team. It is responsible for improving traffic and general upkeep of the district. The team is responsible for creating better and safer pedestrianised and cycling lanes around the district. This extends from the Birmingham New Street Station, and down to the areas around Hurst and Hill Streets.

Rejuvenating Southside Birmingham With Residential Property Developments And Shops and Leisure

To get Southside Birmingham's economy rolling, the South BID team is involved with lobbying to invite new businesses to invest, open, or relocate into the Southside. 

Southside Birmingham supports three primary industries: entertainment, hospitality, and creative industries. These industries provide employment for Southside Birmingham residents (and those from the other districts).

They cover jobs in many popular hotels, bars, and restaurants, and in theatre and live entertainment. Additionally, Southside Birmingham's creative industry offers jobs in visual arts, film and TV, graphic design, and more. 

Regeneration Through Commercial and Residential Developments

The Southside BID team is also helping lobby for regeneration to help rejuvenate the local economy. They are also pushing for residential developments to answer the rising demand for housing. Birmingham is not just an economic centre; it is also an educational hub. And many families and international students want housing that's close to where they study. Because of its location very close to the city centre, Southside Birmingham is an ideal residential location.

To support this demand, as well as Southside's economic growth, two major regeneration projects have been launched. The first is the new development being constructed at the Smithfield Markets (just outside of the Gay Village). It is expected to create 8,000 new jobs and provide over 3,000 residential units.

The "Gateway" Into Birmingham's Cultural Heart

The second is the £9.5 million public square outside the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre. The project is an exciting addition to the Southside’s cultural offerings. The creation of the public square also provides an unofficial “gateway” into the Southside's cultural, entertainment, and shopping spots.

The public square project was overseen by the Enterprise Zone Investment Plan (EZIP). It is a partnership project with the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) Enterprise Zone. The project will help raise the profile of Southside, Birmingham as a place of culture and business. It will help attract visitors as well as commercial and residential property investment opportunities.

Making The Most Of The 2022 Commonwealth Games’ Ripple Effect

Another way that Southside Birmingham was recognised was during the successful hosting of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

The Games showcased Birmingham’s ready and professional capability for hosting mega-events. Furthermore, it showcased the Southside's shops, leisure attractions and nighttime economy. The district also stepped up by providing a safe haven for LGBT participants, staff, volunteers, and visitors. 

Southside Birmingham’s Creative Industries, Shops and Leisure Shows Its Economic Contributions To The City

The Games also put a spotlight on the Southside’s creative industries. These industries are part of a growing creative and hospitality economy. This economy contributes 9% of Birmingham’s total GVA.  

Furthermore, Southside Birmingham's creative industries are the catalysts for economic growth. They help attract inward investors and major employers to the city centre and its the surrounding districts.

We aren't out of the woods yet, but the return to pre-pandemic visitor traffic looks positive. Inward investments, commercial interests, and residential property investments are pouring in. Most of the current businesses are opening again. The community is optimistic for the rejuvenation of Birmingham's cultural heart.

Chat with our team today to learn more about off-plan and new build properties in Southside Birmingham. We can also show you the strategies to suit your current goals and give you the confidence to invest in Southside Birmingham property with certainty.

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Brett Alegre-wood
September 5, 2022

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