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What return should I expect from my investment property?

[fa icon="calendar'] October 9, 2018 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Calculate and compare to other investments

When you invest in residential property, you’ll be doing so with the aim of profiting either from capital appreciation or rental income. The biggest mistake that beginner investors make is not being targeted enough in their objectives. Instead of working out their return and understanding their cash flow, they fall in love with a property and end up hoping to get some income from rent and make some money from capital appreciation.

In this post I’ll explain why investing for capital appreciation alone is a fool’s game. You’ll also learn the basic method of calculating your real rental return.

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Property investment vs annuities which is best for retirement income?

[fa icon="calendar'] October 3, 2018 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property investment for retirement - how else will you fund your lifestyle after work?

As retirement approaches, you may be considering property investment as a source of income. You’re about to lose your monthly salary cheque. You’ve still got bills to pay, grandchildren to buy Christmas and birthday presents for, and then there’s you "bucket list" - things you want to do before it's too late. Right now, standing on the Great Wall of China seems a long way away.

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Simplifying the process of buying an off-plan property

[fa icon="calendar'] September 6, 2018 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Week one and beyond in off-plan property investment

In my last post, I looked at the initial hurdles you have to jump when buying an off-plan property when I wrote about off-plan property investment – the difficult first week. These range from:

  • negotiating the money laundering process; to
  • finding and appointing a solicitor with off-plan experience; to
  • chasing up the developer and their solicitor.

Along the way you’ll have multiple forms to fill in, questionnaires to complete, and, of course, fees and reservation amount to pay. Thankfully, the potential profitability of off-plan property investment makes these headaches disappear. But what if you could relieve the pain sooner and simplify the process – from the moment you decide to take advantage of off-plan property for sale?

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Retirement investing today for lifestyle income tomorrow

[fa icon="calendar'] September 4, 2018 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Property investment is the new pension

If you’re like many modern parents, you’ll have started to worry about retirement investing already. Just how are you going to produce the income you need when you no longer work? Will you never be able to give up work and do all the things you really want to do? Is there any way to become financially independent?

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Stress-free buying off-plan in the lead up to completion

[fa icon="calendar'] August 31, 2018 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Keeping on top of UK property developers, mortgage brokers, and solicitors

In my last two articles, I’ve walked you through the stressful first week of off-plan investment and how the Sales Progression Team at Gladfish help to relieve the first week’s pain of buying off-plan property. However, buying off-plan property is a process that last several months, or even more than a year. I don’t know about you, but I like as little stress as possible when I’m investing. I don’t want to spend months on end worrying about what is happening with my investment.

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14 facts your financial advisor isn't telling you

[fa icon="calendar'] August 23, 2018 / by Ritesh Patel

The buy-to-let takeaway

You might expect your financial advisor to be in a position to advice on all investments, but they aren’t. For example, they won’t offer advice if you are considering investment properties. Yet the truth about investment property vs. stock market returns is that residential property offers incredible potential for above-average capital gains and superb rental income even after the cost in this investment guide.

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The truth about investment opportunities and retirement

[fa icon="calendar'] August 14, 2018 / by Ritesh Patel


Investment Property can be overlooked as a retirement option, but jumping to such conclusions could be costly.

In this article, I’m going to look at the story of two twin brothers, Paul and James, who both inherited £20,000 in 1996 when they were aged 40 years. They each decided to do something very different with their inheritance, but with the same goal in mind: to semi-retire when they were 60.

James’s story – stock market returns and tax advantages

James spoke to his financial advisor. He explained his ambition and decided that he would put the entire sum into a personal pension rather than investment property. He was a higher rate taxpayer at the time, and so claimed full tax relief on his contribution. By doing so, his total investment wasn’t £20,000, but £28,000.

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Two laws of buy-to-let purchasing

[fa icon="calendar'] December 11, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Hey guys,

I have only two laws when purchasing buy-to-let property the rest are simply principles that I generally adhere to because they work for me. This property investment guide tells you more about these laws. Laws are the foundation of building property successfully. If you break the laws of property you don't go to jail but it will generally cost you money and sometimes if you really break the laws it will cost you a lot of money. So let's jump straight into the first.

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AVOID THIS NOW... The 4th way to make money from property

[fa icon="calendar'] December 4, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

I always openly talking about the three ways to make money from property investment. I did this with good reason even though I knew of a fourth and potentially very lucrative way to make money out of property. 

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What if I lose job before completion, but I need a mortgage? - Property Rant 043

[fa icon="calendar'] March 27, 2017 / by Brett Alegre-Wood

Losing your job or even changing jobs can be stressful, having to apply for a mortgage at the same time especially given the changes in the market can just add to that stress.

So how do we overcome this?

Well the answer isn’t as simple as we would like, but the most important thing to consider is before you commit to the purchase. Only with this in mind will you be able to confidently face losing your job.

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