Education and emotional intelligence: two foundations for a portfolio

Two foundations for investment.

Starting a portfolio is like learning to drive. At first it seems that there’s so much you don’t know that its overwhelming. Changing gears, indicating, giving way, checking blind spots, but as you practice all these things become easier and soon enough (once you’ve passed the test!) all those little tasks become second nature. With the help of some guides of course – its the same with property – check out other property investment guides here.

Graduating from property high school?

At Gladfish we consider the first two properties like graduating from high school. The focus is on educating you and developing your emotional intelligence property investment. These two factors are essential for building a solid foundation for your portfolio. It’s not enough just to find the best deals, you must understand the process, procedures, structures and strategies used by professional investors to build a thriving portfolio.

You can call us, anytime, day or night 6 days a week?

You can call us anytime you need to, 6 days a week (we need one day off to rest!). We get that a lot of the time you’ll have questions after hours which is why our team will give you their mobile numbers so you can call them anytime, even outside the 9-5.

Property is a relatively simple game, it has a simple set of rules and simple set of strategies. As your education level and experience grow so will your ability to structure deals and your property investment will continue growing and fuelling your lifestyle goals.

If you’d like to kick start your Emotional Intelligence download a free copy of my Emotional Intelligence just click here to register and we’ll give you immediate access to all our educational downloads.

Live with passion
Brett Alegre-Wood

About the Author

Brett has over 20 years experience in all facets of property, he owns various companies centred around property and is the driving force behind the education and training at Gladfish. His companies have sold over £850 million in UK and London property and he manages over 1200 properties through his estate agency chain. Today he shares his time between UK, Australia and Singapore. He is married to Arlene and together they have 4 kids.