Property is too risky…WTF? – Property Rant 038

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 20, 2017

Property is risky… Investment is risky… Anytime you place your money into someone else's bank account you are at risk. The primary question is not about risk or reward, it’s these two simple things that you should make sure you understand before you make a transfer.

Property too risky… is like saying you don’t understand, it has little to do with property or any investment, so get these two things locked away and invest with confidence and certainty.

Video Transcription

Hey, guys. Property Search... Think Gladfish. I'm Brett Alegre-Wood, and this is Property Rant.

So, guys, today, basically, it's a really good one. And this is really one for the beginners out there because normally, once you've got some experience, this just doesn't come into it. And certainly, a couple of hours under your belt, you're not even thinking about this. And quite simply, it is, "Is property too risky?"

Now, like any investment, there are risks. And anyone who says there's not risks or they can totally mitigate them is full know what that S-H-I thing is. They're absolute BS artists. There are risks. Yes, you can mitigate certain risks. You can minimalize them by doing certain things, and that's certainly what we recommend you do. In the process, we teach you to follow in the way we actually do our research and the methodical steps we take.

But the reality is with this, is it too risky? Is it too risky? Well, no, it's not too risky. But it also depends on how you do it. If you're just going to go gung-ho in with no education, no experience, and listen to the first person that comes along that says, "Here's the deal of the century," because this is what a lot of salespeople are doing. Well, then yeah, it is too risky. You are almost gambling because actually, I look at it this way. A lot of people starting out, what they do is they go deal hunting. And what I mean by that is they have no strategy, they have no plan, they don't really know what they want, and what they do is they think property and they type property into Google and they go and sign up to a hundred different websites and people pitch continuous deals to them, and all of them sound fantastic.

Now, the problem is a lot of those, I don't want to say that they're misleading or dishonest, but you know what? A lot of them are. And when I look at some investments from my perspective, I think, "There's no way I would invest in that." And when I listen to some salespeople speak, I just sit there shaking my head because it's like you can't make that guarantee. You can't make that statement. You don't understand the market. Have you taken it? Or even, a lot of times, they're not even taking into account the changes in the markets that are likely.

So, there's a whole range of things. Is property too risky depends on how you approach it. If you take your time, you get educated, you come up with a plan, you follow that plan, you learn the rules of the game, you learn the strategy that meets the market, when you do these things, then actually, the risks start to diminish down to where actually you're pretty certain of making money. Now, over what timeline? That's where it really starts to be anyone's guess because you can't influence as an individual the market at large. You can influence it in a little, little bit, but actually, you can't control it or really influence it.

Unfortunately, the market is too big and it's got a thousand or a million different factors affecting it that you cannot control. And that's where it doesn't necessarily mean you're not going to make money, but what it means is the money you make may be stretched out over a longer period of time. So, is property too risky? No, unless you do it the wrong way and you approach it in a haphazard, shotgun, let's try anything deal approach. Deal hunting for me is the worst thing you can possibly do.

For me and my whole business' approach is we sit down with you and we map out a plan, we talk about the current market before we even talk about property because actually, when you learn about all that stuff, then you can go, "Well, actually, this is the direction we need to head with you. This is the direction we need to head with you." And one person is totally different to another, so it's not one size fits all. Most companies are one size fits all. "I have this property to sell, and I'm going to sell it to you. I don't care about your individual circumstances. I don't care about your plan. I don't care about any of that." And a lot of people will do a plan whatever, but the reality is they're just waiting to sell you that property they have.

So, be aware of it. And when you're aware of it, make sure you don't fall for it. Get that plan. Get that strategy. Understand the market. And only then, go and find the deal or the property.

All right, guys. Have a great day. Live with passion


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