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How will the UK property market perform in 2016/2017 after the Brexit vote?

UK property – is there still opportunity?

For any who invest in property, UK market dynamics since the Brexit vote is a big issue. Depending on who you speak to, which newspapers you read, and what ‘expert’ opinions are voiced the loudest, your views of where UK property prices are heading will probably swing from implosion to explosion: investors will either suffer a tragedy or a triumph. Here I look at what was said before the EU referendum, what happened immediately after the people chose Brexit, and how the UK economy and property market has reacted since. This type of unbiased analysis might provide what is impossible to find elsewhere: a sensible idea of where UK property prices are heading during the remainder of 2016 and through 2017. Read More
UK Property Market

Is property market confidence returning?

Confidence returns?

For me, it's 100% clear from speaking to local agents, other property sources, developers and even finance companies, confidence is returning to the property market. Almost every estate agent I speak to now comments on the fact that enquiries are up. There's also a lot more activity from people looking to buy their home, and some agents are even finding that they have more buyers then instructions (sellers' properties on the books). More buyers then sellers is a classic example of demand growing higher than supply. Read More