Why Smart Money Is Jumping On The UK Residential Market Right NOW!

Brett Alegre-Wood
August 19, 2020

Smart Money is Already Jumping into the UK Property deals so what does it mean to The Rest of Us?

There are generally 3 stages to jump back into investing after a recession - Smart Money then Institutional and then the Herd. The problem is that by the time the herd is in it's probably too late to lock in the big jumps in value. That's not to say 

All indications are that Overseas Investors are using London, Manchester and Birmingham as flight to safety, London has been a Global world city for centuries but Manchester and Birmingham are newly appointed. 

So how can you take advantage by jumping in with the Smart Money?


The first phase is generally when the Smart Money gets in. You can watch my June20 video about Smart Money predicting it was about to strike. Well that happened in August 20. Did you jump in with them?

You still have time to get in, whilst many headlines are saying how great the market has been remember that those are headlines, designed to sell newspapers. The real market is probably either not as bad or not as good as the media makes it out to be. 

Second Phase is the Institutional Money. This has already begun to flow, with so much liquidity being pumped into the market to prop it up it needs to go somewhere. It initially went into the stocks, shares and businesses and now it will flow through to the property market. 

Finally you've got the herd or in finance terms they are retail investors. They are late to market as rather than being quick to jump then face emotional barriers which delay them so when it's time to finally jump, they are often toolate and the lions share of the profits have been realised. 

Where to you think you fit? Hopefully you've already been getting your strategy in order and are ready to take advantage. of the current market.

BTW if you're following the newspapers by the time they are reporting you are already with the herd.

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The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!

Did the UK Government of Boris and Rishi actually pull off the Great Escape of Recessions?

It could have been so worse, 20.4% drop in GDP is unprecedented in modern times. To shut down the economy is possible (hopefully) a once in a lifetime event and for most people it was the most calm, peaceful and meditative time of their lives. 

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Finally, and let's look at why I think the recession is looking better than it perhaps should be...

The Government has created somewhat of a boom in housing, firstly through the Stamp Duty holiday but that's not the entire story and will be well deserved, by short lived.

The real reason that I think things are going to be ok is that they have cleared up the planning issues allowing planning on under utilised property assets. This is good news and have created a ground swell of development. 

The next stage of this is that there will be a shortage of builders as these developments come to being built (and we didn't really make it that welcoming for the cheap labour from Europe anymore). At this point the build costs will increase, a few developments will fall over but a massive build program will continue. 

Sales on Off Plan property will begin and the cycle starts again as these properties come to market. 

The key to all this is a market that continues to be stimulated by the Government policies, which to be fair, they have shown an interest and taken action towards, the only challenge facing individual investors is that most of the action appears to be focussed on large Corporate Landlords not Individuals. Nonetheless things are looking pretty good despite all the white noise of recession and drops and worst stats since the middle ages.

Will it continue, I think it will, I feel the gov't is committed to reforming the housing crisis and putting as much infrastructure spending and policy changes in place to make it work for all. 

So Smart Monies back are you going to join them?

Live with passion and fun, 



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