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Buy-to-let financing gets cheaper in the UK

Cheaper buy-to-let mortgages equal better cash flow and bigger profits

Property investors who worry about cash flow have received another boost recently. In an already competitive buy-to-let mortgage market, Leeds Building Society has announced a refreshed 70% loan-to-value range. It claims its new two-year fixed rate deal is the lowest on the buy-to-let market. It could signal a price war, with other lenders cutting rates to attract buy-to-let financing business. Great news for property investors. Read More

Buy-to-let investors are looking forward to a bright future

Total returns continue to make property investment the number one asset

Recent research from two respected sources concludes that buy-to-let property investors can look forward to a bright future. Competition from tenants is increasing, rents are rising, and landlords selling in 2017 made an average of 69% total return after just 8.5 years of ownership. And it looks like there is better yet to come. Read More

All positive on property investment – prices, rents, and demand all up

Proof positive that the potential for UK property investment is growing

This time last year, house prices in UK cities were rising at an average of 3.7% annually. The latest Hometrack analysis shows that this rate of price growth has increased by a third, to 5.5% over the last year. Read More
Buy To Let Property Investor

All lies! Buy-to-let property investors are expanding their portfolios, not selling

New surveys show renewed confidence in the private rented sector

Perhaps it depends on who you are surveying or the questions that you ask, but recent buy-to-let landlord surveys show that the dire predictions of investors turning their backs on property and landlords selling up were wide of the mark. In fact, two separate surveys show the opposite is true: buy-to-let investors are expanding their portfolios and diversifying. Read More
Buy To Let Profits

Squeeze on buy-to-let profits appears to be ending

House prices and rents are growing

The latest property news reads well for investors. Property price growth has stabilised, as have average rental yields, while rental prices are rising. No one is now forecasting a Brexit-induced crash in property price. The news flow indicates that the squeeze on buy-to-let profits may be coming to an end. Read More
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