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UK house price inflation slows – here’s why savvy property investors are still buying

What does a house price growth slowdown mean for property investors?

According to the UK House Price Index from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), UK property prices are rising at their slowest rate since 2013. And a forecast from PwC says that house price inflation will remain at around its current level through to 2025. Sounds gloomy, but what does it really mean for property investors? Read More
Investment experts got it wrong again. House prices are up

Investment experts got it wrong again. House prices are up

Avoid the mistake of ignoring the number one rule of property investment

When I read the investment news towards the end of last year, I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle to myself. Various experts, including RICS, Nationwide, John Charcol and Henry Pryor, have forecast that house prices in the UK will rise by a maximum of 3% this year and could fall by 4%. They have cited factors which include: Read More
Good news house prices unlikely to collapse in 2017

Good news: house prices unlikely to collapse in 2017

What’s in store for property investors in 2017 and beyond

A short while ago I asked the question “Is off-plan property a good investment in 2017?” In the two articles that tackled that subject, you’d have discovered how the pessimistic analysts (and that was most of them) based their snap forecasts of a collapsing UK property market on the Brexit effect. That fact, they told us, would lead to swift and sharp economic collapse in the UK. Read More

How a growing student population impacts house prices

Crunching the numbers to get to the truth

There are plenty of property investment opportunities being sold which specialise in providing accommodation to a growing student population. While these types of property investment are an interesting niche addition to the property investor’s breadth of investment opportunity, what is less considered is the impact of a growing student population on house prices. We’ve found that, generally speaking, house prices rise where there are large student populations, though by how much depends on a number of other factors, too. Analysis of the student population should be only one facet of your investment research. Read More