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What you don’t know about your pension will shock you

A pension shocker

On the weekend I hosted a small workshop of 20 people and at the outset, I told them that within 5 minutes I'd be able to shock almost everyone in the room about the true state of their pensions. I then asked each of them the simple question: What you don't know about the investment opportunities that make your pension? How will your pension be calculated when you retire? Most people in the room were shocked: Read More
UK Pension

Why you will work longer for a smaller state pension

Working more for less . . .

You may have heard of the fabled state pension crisis. This fast-approaching event is irrespective of the current economic situation but has everything to do with demographics. Originally, when Lloyd George introduced the foundation of our basic state pension in 1908 to Britain, it would see a payment of five shillings to poor men who had reached the age of 70. However, at that time the average lifespan was just 50 years old and generally much lower for the poor. Read More