Tourism, Retail and Leisure Centres Attract Visitors and Investments into Manchester’s Off Plan Properties

Manchester is noted for its economic growth and success and its highly regarded schools and universities. But another feather in its cap is its distinction of being a top tourist destination in the UK because of its rich history, culture, industry and innovation, music and entertainment, and most importantly, shopping and football! 

While UK tourism and travel, in general, suffered immensely during the two lockdowns enacted during the Covid-19 pandemic, opening the borders has given Manchester’s tourism a second life. Visits to Manchester are slowly returning to pre-Covid 19 numbers, and this has attracted back much of the tourism and retail workforces that were affected by the lockdowns.  

What makes Manchester such a great place to visit and invest in is its regeneration developments. Coupled with the conservation efforts in the city centre’s historic landmarks, Mancunians look forward to having domestic and international tourists visit, and potential property investors like you discover its rich history, diversity of influences, and culture.

A Key Sector in Manchester’s Economic Success and Prosperity

Tourism is one of the most valuable sectors for Manchester and Greater Manchester's economies. Because of its rich history as one of the first truly industrial cities in the world, students and scholars are drawn to its museums and landmarks. Retail and shopping tourism is also big in Manchester, and with its many shops and retail stores, it is a shopper’s delight. 

Manchester Off Plan Property Investments

Manchester Is A Great Place To Visit and Stay In

Manchester is the second most visited city in England, and the third most in the UK, after London and Edinburgh. According to Visit Manchester, the tourist board that promotes the city domestically and internationally, the city has a wide assortment of museums, landmarks, and cultural places to visit. 

It is home to two of the most successful football clubs in the UK, and in Europe, with supporters all over the country and the world. Its world-class exhibitions and conference centres draw crowds of delegates each year. Its spot as a leisure and entertainment is incomparable and Manchester is celebrated as the birthplace of many musical groups and bands that have influenced or made great contributions to music. 

Market Street: Manchester’s Eminent Retail and Shopping Quarter

Market Street forms the core of Manchester’s retail and shopping sector. It is closed off to cars and transport systems and is a place where shoppers and families can enjoy a leisurely walk, looking into the many delightful shops and stores. 

On its north side is Manchester Arndale, the 3rd-largest shopping centre in Europe, and contains over 200 shops and boutiques. It is linked to Selfridges and Marks and Spencer and receives 41 million visitors and shoppers every year. Manchester also has other shopping centres like The Triangle, the Royal Exchange Centre, Shambles Square, St. Ann’s Square and Exchange Square.

City Centre’s Dining and Nighttime Entertainment in “Curry Mile” 

Manchester is famed for its many exquisite restaurants and dining establishments dotted all over the city. One of the many favourites of tourists and locals are those found on its famously nicknamed “Curry Mile”, which spans Wilmslow Road through Rusholme, and is so named for its many renowned and world-class restaurants specialising in South Asian and the Middle East cuisines. 

In addition to these, there are many independent fast food retailers throughout Manchester and top-class restaurants.

High Street Shopping and Dining in Deansgate and King Street

If your tastes lean more toward modern cuisine, Deansgate is for you. Many of the city’s top class restaurants and bistros are found on Deansgate serving international cuisine, as well as quite a few shops that serve fast food or more traditional fare.

Likewise, Deansgate is one of Manchester’s premium shopping areas and hosts many top boutiques and retail facilities. King Street was historically the banking district in the city centre. Now, it is famed for its exclusive fashion and retail brand boutiques, as well as the historic landmarks and buildings that have been preserved like the Manchester Reform Club, the Ship Canal House, the building housing the Manchester branch of the former Bank of England, and many others. 

Manchester Off Plan Property Investment

History and Culture Share Manchester’s City Centre

Manchester has a long and rich history. Not just as a prehistoric settlement close to the convergence of rivers, but also because of the diversity of its influences and melding of cultures that has created the successful city it is today.

Manchester's museums celebrate its history as a Roman fort and settlement, its recognition as the world’s first industrialised city (through its highly lucrative textile industry), its role in developing the trade union movement and women’s suffrage in the UK, and football. Landmarks in Castlefield— the Museum of Transport, the Imperial War Museum North, and The Manchester Museum are just a few of the places you can visit. Manchester is also a recognised UNESCO City of Literature. 

Manchester’s Legacy as the Birthplace of Top Musical Groups

Apart from its cultural areas, retail, and shopping centres, Manchester’s music scene is world-class as well. And what makes it topnotch is that many of its places gave birth to some of the world’s best musical acts, like Van der Graaf Generator, Oasis, and The Smiths. The Charlatans, M People, Simply Red, and Take That were other bands and groups formed in Manchester. 

Football: Manchester’s First Love

The biggest draw to Manchester is football. The sport is hugely popular in the city and its surrounding areas that it hosts two Premier League football clubs: Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester United’s home is at Old Trafford, the largest club ground in the UK, while Manchester City plays its home games at the City of Manchester Stadium. 

Manchester receives many visitors and football fans during home games. The city has hosted many domestic, European, and international football matches not only at these stadiums but also at the former Fallowfield Stadium and Maine Road Stadium. The former was bought by Manchester University and the latter is undergoing regeneration for residential development. 

Manchester Off Plan Property Investments

Manchester’s Tourism and Retail Quarters Supports Over 250,000 Jobs

The combination of tourism, retail and leisure, exhibitions and conferences, and seasonal visits to Manchester requires a large workforce and these sectors support over 250,000 jobs. As Manchester’s regeneration continues to accommodate its annual number of visitors, many of the workforce would require reliable transport links or housing in the city centre close to where they work. 

Providing Housing with Manchester Off Plan Property Investments

Manchester’s regeneration developments are vital to its growth, but most especially for making sure that the needs of its workforce are met, particularly for housing. Property investors like you would find that many areas in Manchester can provide good solid fundamentals to make investments in off plan property profitable, especially in the long term. 

Whether your goal is building future wealth or planning for retirement, off plan property investments in Manchester are worthy of consideration. The city centre is not only focused on developing infrastructure for the tourism and the retail and leisure sectors, but it is also working on regeneration developments to provide housing for professionals and workers living in the city centre. 

Available Off Plan Property Investments In Manchester 

There are many options available if you’re looking for Manchester off plan property investments. And you can even expand your search in areas like Castlefield and Salford, as these are also surrounded by solid property fundamentals. Chat with our team today to learn more about the off plan and new build properties we have in Manchester and the strategies that can give you the confidence to invest with certainty.

Brett Alegre-wood
May 29, 2022

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