Inward Investments: The Key to Capital Growth for Manchester Off Plan Property Investments

Manchester is famous for its fanatic love of football, rich culture, music, history, and economic success. The latter is the key to good capital growth and yields for Manchester off plan property investments. 

Massive investments, the ideal location for business headquarters, and the regeneration developments within Manchester make it attractive to people and property investors. In fact, Orega Offices’ recent study names Manchester the best city in the UK for young professionals to live and work in. This, in turn, is spurring residential developments as more and more people arrive to seek employment and housing.

Which begs the question: If you are building or growing your property portfolio, how would you capitalise on making your Manchester off plan property investment?

Manchester’s Success Isn’t By Chance; It’s Carefully Planned

Manchester’s growth as an economic centre isn’t by chance. It was carefully planned by developing key areas to attract inward investment and creating new jobs. As of this writing, new regeneration developments are being planned or carried out to answer the need for building and office spaces, retail, dining and leisure facilities, residential living spaces, parks, and conservation of historic buildings and landmarks. 

Manchester Off Plan Property Investment

From a property investment perspective, Manchester and its surrounding areas would be good places to invest in not only because its regeneration developments have been carefully planned and executed but because the city has good solid fundamentals as well.

Attracting Businesses And Companies To Open Or Relocate To Manchester

Manchester’s central geographical location and its accessibility to land, water, and air transport have made it an attractive area for opening business headquarters. A growing number of domestic, European, and international firms are opening or transferring their headquarters to the city. It has been ranked as the best city to relocate corporate operations by the commercial property experts Cushman & Wakefield. 

Top Financial, Business, Media, And Commercial Firms Call Manchester Home

Companies with headquarters in Manchester include Henri Lloyd, 2ergo, Umbro, PZ Cussons, PH Media Group, Kellogg’s Company, and Marks & Spencer, among others. Manchester is also the national or regional headquarters for companies like Adidas, Avecia, Brother, Siemens, AstraZeneca, Gazprom, and other firms.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, KPMG, Leonard Curtis, In Touch Networks, The Manchester Airports Group, and many other top UK and foreign-owned businesses also have their headquarters in Manchester.

Transport Links Are A Major Contributor To The City’s Economic Success 

Commuting to and from Manchester won’t be a problem. The city’s central location in the Midlands makes its crossroads for travel with numerous commuter transport links. It is also considered the gateway for logistics and distribution into the country, particularly to the North. 

Manchester is the home to Manchester Airport, the third busiest airport in the UK after Heathrow and Gatwick. Through Manchester Airport Holdings Limited, the city council, along with Greater Manchester local authorities, own three of the UK’s busiest airports: East Midlands Airport, London Stansted Airport, and Manchester Airport. The income coming from this ownership is one of the factors that has allowed both Manchester and Greater Manchester to allocate funds for inward investments for regeneration developments. 

Major Investments and Range of Industries Bring New Job Opportunities

Manchester plays host not only to a select few. Firms from a wide range of industries like digital and creative, financial, legal and business services, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, environmental technologies, tourism, global sports brands, media and real estate are opening offices within the city limits and around Greater Manchester. 

This influx of investment and business creates job opportunities of over 12,000 listings, as per Orega Offices, attracting a young and highly talented workforce from in and around Manchester. 

Manchester Property Investment

Businesses And Jobs Creation Raise Demand For Housing

Regeneration in Manchester has led to major investments to the city, as well as businesses and companies opening or transferring their headquarters into the city. This opens up employment opportunities and attracts professionals to the city. 

Investments, New Businesses, and Employment is Good for Capital Growth

These inward investments, new businesses and the creation of new jobs will positively affect property investments in the city. With the demand for housing on the rise, you can expect positive capital growth and rental yields—two intangibles if you’re considering investing. More so if you’re going for off plan property investments in Manchester. 

One Of The Best Cities In The UK For Off Plan Property Investment In 2022 

But if you’re talking about planning for your retirement, future wealth, or a quick ROI turnaround, Manchester is one of the best cities in the UK for off plan property investments in 2022. As the second-most populated urban area after London, Manchester’s city centre is focused not only on developing infrastructure for commercial and office buildings; it is also undertaking regeneration developments for housing and residential properties. 

Off Plan Property Investments In Manchester, Castlefield, and Salford

There are many options available if you’re looking for Manchester off plan property investments, so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. Manchester offers various off-plan and new build property investments that would suit your goals, situation, and investment plan and strategy. 

Likewise, If you're looking for other property investment opportunities not just within the city centre, check out Castlefield or look across the River Irwell to Salford. Chat with our team today to learn how to choose the right areas for off plan property investments in Manchester, what strategy to use, and more importantly, coming up with a plan that can give you the confidence to invest with certainty.

Brett Alegre-wood
April 28, 2022

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