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Property Investment

Property investment – how do you avoid the scams?

Property Investment – and how to avoid fraud Property investment oppotunities you’re considering, whatever they may be, require investment research to check out who you’re dealing with. There are a lot of scammers out there, and when it is as hot as it has been to invest in property in the UK, the sharks come circling. They don’t care that […]

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Property Scams

Property fraud: 12 warning signs it’s a scam – part 2

PROPERTY FRAUD #7: The One-Close Sale I hate pushy salespeople and companies. The promises are heavy and the delivery is light. They concentrate on short-term gain instead of the value of long-term relationships. There is no follow through, no commitment, and no care for the customer (saved for getting their hands on the commission from […]

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Property Scam

Property fraud: 12 warning signs it’s a scam – part 1

If you’ve been following these property fraud blogs by now you’ve probably already noticed some common and regular themes of property investment scams. Property scams are huge business. In fact, in 2011, in America property scams were the third largest type of scam reported to American Consumer Credit Counselling (ACCC), causing more than $10 billion […]

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