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UK Property Investment

Can The UK Beat Off The Upcoming Global Recession!

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So can the UK beat off the global recession that’s coming at some point in the future? I mean, I’m saying I think it’s probably May, June 2021 after Trump loses interest, wins a second term. I just don’t think he’s going to be beaten. I think there’s too many people that […]

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Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income In The UK…Will It Work?

Video Transcription: Hey guys, so universal basic income in the U.K. Will it work? It’s an interesting topic. It’s becoming quite topical now because one of the presidential democratic presidential guys, Andrew Yang in the U.S. has raised this as a possibility and one of his platforms that he’s working from. I think the interesting thing […]

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Set and Forget Property Portfolio

Make 2020 The Year When You Set and Forget your Property Portfolio

Reset your property investment philosophy to achieve your lifestyle goals One of the first things I learned was that successful property investors do things differently. They don’t do everything themselves. They get professionals to help them. This strategy is the basis of my Set and Forget investment philosophy. If you employ the same approach, you’ll […]

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UK Property Prices

Why aren’t prices rising in the UK?

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So why aren’t prices rising across the UK? And I’m not just talking about in particular areas. I’m talking generally here. So forget the market cycle right now. What I want to look at is a much higher level of the macro economic reasons why things aren’t happening and why prices aren’t […]

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Generation Rent…All Hot Air Or Fair Argument?

​Video Transcription: Hey guys, so Generation Rent, do they have an argument? And look guys, Generation Rent they’re the thorn in the side of most landlords right now in the UK, there’s no doubt about it. But look, before I get into that, be sure to subscribe, press the little bell so you get notifications and […]

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Renting in the UK

Why UK Politicians are in the dark on the Future Of Renting in the UK

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So why I think the housing industry and market has changed dramatically, but politicians are still being dinosaurs back in the dark ages. They haven’t really accommodated for this. And what do I mean by this is, if we think about it, everything is moving towards a share economy, okay? You’ve got […]

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Housebuilding in the UK

Tory’s Win Big… Will Housebuilding Take Off?

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So Tory majority, and I mean, forget Tory majority. We have a government that has a majority that can actually do things and have a large enough majority to actually make decisions, which we haven’t had for three and a half years. So that’s fantastic news.So what’s that going to mean for […]

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Showstopper or NOT? 3% Property Stamp Duty on Overseas investors in UK

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So Tory majority and a good majority at that. And I think one of the mistakes I think that a lot of people are saying is that they’re thinking that all the foreign buyers are going to come back in the marketplace and really prop up the market and that sort of […]

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Brexit the longest Goodbye!

Video Transcription: It’s funny, the old Brexit thing, it’s almost like the longest goodbye. It reminds me of an Oliver and Hardy skit, basically. I’ll play it for you now anyway. So I think that’s pretty much sums up Brexit so far, plenty of goodbyes. But the amazing thing is is we’re going to go through […]

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Selling UK Property

Never Never Sell

Video Transcription: Hey guys. I thought I’d put some detail around my, never, never, never sell motto and what I actually mean by that, because I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding in that when you say, never, never, never sell, people think that that’s actually what you mean, that you should never sell, you […]

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