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When is the best time to buy off-plan property?

Benefitting from off-plan property launches

When you make an off-plan property investment, you will buy at today’s price and complete in a year or so. The hope is that market values will have risen during this time. If they do, when you complete you will have an automatic profit. You’ll also have a highly desirable property that will produce good rental income. It is why an off-plan property is such a good investment. If the market rises by 10% or 20% during the building phase, your off-plan property investment will have produced that gain from as small an initial deposit as 10%. In this post, I will explain the best time to buy off-plan property. You’ll also discover how to reduce your investment risk. Read More
Buying Off Plan Property

Buying off-plan property is the best way

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The unfortunate truth about stock

The time has come to accept that it just isn't worth buying stock units unless you are prepared to put in a huge chunk of deposit. Changes that have taken place today in the Lloyds Banking Group have stopped remortgaging any properties that you haven't owned for at least 6 months. This has effectively means that you are going to have to put in the full deposit on each of your stock properties. Read More