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Hayes Property Investment Guide

Urban regeneration is making Greater London truly great - and Hayes is buzzing with growth potential

Millions of pounds of investment

As Crossrail prepares to bring fast and convenient connections between London and surrounding areas, many towns are benefiting from huge investment in urban regeneration. Hayes is one town that will undergo a massive transformation into a highly desirable location, giving commuters and investors plenty of reasons to go West. Read More
Clapham Property Investment Blog

Clapham Property Investment Guide

A symbol of urban gentrification

In the early 20th century Clapham was considered an ordinary, working-class commuter suburb. ‘The man on the Clapham omnibus’ was once a synonym for the common man on the street. By 1980 Clapham had become something of a poster child for urban gentrification and continues to see significant growth in its upper classes as its reputation as a more affordable alternative to central London has grown. Many buyers in recent years have been from prime central London locations such as Kensington and Chelsea looking for better value per sq ft on property. Read More

Colindale Property Investment Guide

London Regeneration for Zone 4 commuters

Colindale is an exciting area of London for property investment. Located in Zone 4, it’s house prices are lower than in more central parts of the capital, while its still experiencing plenty of growth and investment.

Billions of pounds are being poured into the area by Barnet Council as part of its commitment to building up to 27,000 new social, affordable and market rate homes in the next 10 to 15 years. 10,000 of these will be in Colindale, more than any other area in the borough.

Read More

Crossrail Property Hotspots

Brett Alegre-Wood lends a hand to a University Student with his assignment about Woolwich SE18 Investment.

Besides recording videos about property, one of the regular things, our Chairman Brett does, is provide comments to journalists, helps authors get their books out, and uni students with their assignments. Here's his latest Q&A about Woolwich investment and the changes that he's seen over the past 8 years of selling there.   1.Do you think Woolwich Arsenal is a hotspot for investment? Read More
Brent A colourful cosmopolitan borough

Property Investment Guide – Brent

A colourful cosmopolitan borough with iconic significance

Only minutes from central London, Brent is a diverse, dynamic and surprising London borough. Whether it is temples or tandooris, haute couture or haute cuisine, football or festivals, parks or canals, Brent has a vast variety to offer all of its visitors. With the iconic illuminated arch of the new Wembley Stadium dominating and dramatically changing the west London skyline, Brent is on the map as the place to really experience multicultural London. This colourful, dynamic and cosmopolitan borough is a popular location for big business, sports, entertainment, tourism and filmmaking. Read More
Dagenham Property Investment Blog

Dagenham Property Investment Guide

The driving force behind the Ford Motor Company

Dagenham has formed part of Greater London since 1965 and is predominantly residential, with some areas of industrial activity, including the Ford Motor Company. The southern part of Dagenham is adjacent to the River Thames and forms part of the London Riverside section of the Thames Gateway redevelopment area which is undergoing large-scale regeneration. Read More
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